Broad Street Run 2011 Recap…Training-1 Bronchitis-0


At the finish line (courtesy of

So, as you might have surmised through my somewhat cryptic title, I learned a VERY important lesson this race:  training matters, bronchitis (or any other thing that might sideline you towards the end of your training) does not (always).  Now understand, this is not a blanket statement, and sometimes injuries, illness or other that might sideline your training CAN certainly affect your race performance.  But what I learned was:

1. Don’t give up and throw away all of your training prior to the injury, illness, etc.


Anyway, I deem this race a great SUCCESS!  I was SOOOO nervous (as I had previously posted) due to being super sick the last month of training and thought my inital goal of a sub 1:30 was long gone.  I was even nervous at the expo…so nervous that I wasn’t able to shop as usual!  Oh the horrors!

But race day came, and while I woke up still somewhat weary and fearful of my pending performance…

The adrenaline started pumping, I pushed, and I pushed, and LOOK!

Just by a hair...but I DID IT! Woot!

 Honestly, I am proud.  YAY!  So here are some race pics and lil’ anecdotes…

Approaching City Hall means 6 miles in! Over halfway done! I was feeling strong!Here I am around mile 7 I think, still going strong!

And then it happened.  I sorta started to slow down around mile 8.  I was chugging along and saw a man running next to me looking like he was charlie-horsing.  When I asked him if he was ok he said yes, but then he stumbled in front of me, and crossed over me, collapsing on the sidewalk.  He was NOT ok.  So I told him to hold on (and he told me to keep going- yea right! Of course I’m gonna help a fellow-runner or anyone else out, for that matter) and I raced ahead to find him a medic.  When the situation was under control I chugged forward towards the finish.  And then, it happened.  I DID IT!  I crossed the finish line PR’ing my race with the sweet victory of knowing I had gotten my sub 1:30 time.  What a great feeling!

At this time I was still awaiting my official time, but I didn't care. I tasted victory! Yay! I also learned that I really need ot curtail the weaving in and out of others, as I added an additional 0.08 miles to my 10. Oops!Self-portrait at the finish line

LOVED THIS RACE!  And after, I felt GREAT (another sign of proof that training matters)!!!!  I even decided to take the pups out to Husb’s baseball game.  And hey, what’s a blog post without my lil’ honeys!??!

OK, so if you ran Broad Street, do tell your story in the comments!  I know some of my readers rocked it so please BRAG in the comments!  Go YOU!  Ok, toodles for now!

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