Tubing and Picnics.

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Hello there!  Happy Monday!  This weekend was a blasty and was filled with all things summer!  First up, tubing on the Brandywine river.  While this was certainly fun all-in-all, it was a BIT cold on the river and there was NO SUN to be seen, so of course I had to make it Jess-filled drama.  I ended up bailing about 2.5 hours into the down-river trip.  I was SO cold I could not feel my extremities and I got lock-jaw from shivering like crazy. It was NOT cute.  The boys left me and I got out, abandoned my tube and walked for what seemed like MILES. I finally found a nice man playing with his dogs and asked for some directions back to where we dropped the cars.  About an hour later, sure enough I landed back at the pick-up truck with torn flip flops and a frozed behind.  Awesome.  BUT, it was fun while it lasted.  Sunday we had a bbq picnic.  The pictures pretty much speak for the fun times that were had so I will let the enormo gallery following speak for me!

One thought on “Tubing and Picnics.

  1. Hello Jessica. We haven’t spoken and really want to share these tools with you. Just amazing way to keep creating the life you want. I know you want to share with the teachers and your girls. We need to do a Skype Intro soon. The founder of the Avatar Materials, Harry Palmer, just wrote an amazing book that connects to the dots. Tell me when and where to call you!!! Joann

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