We are very lucky in terms of proximity where we live.  It is only one of the many things we love about our home.  We a live ONE BLOCK from Whole Foods, Superfresh, and CVS!  Only TWO BLOCKS away are a pet store (so useful), a self-serve fro-yo bar, an amazing pizza place, a yummy bbq restaurant, a good fancy restaurant and a liquor store.  Gotta love it.  Anyway, I was thinking today about my usage of this places, primarily the Whole Foods vs. Superfresh scenario.  Here are the basics:  I used to go to Superfresh for almost EVERYTHING (including meat, dairy and produce) and Whole Foods for true specialty items (certain sauces, breads, prepared foods).  NOW though, I have been using Whole Foods for about 70% of my groceries, including meat, dairy (except Lactaid and my Coffee Mate Hazelnut Creamer), etc.

There are still some staples though that I NEED to get at Superfresh…for instance:

"Staples" ya know?

What are your thoughts on the super market situation?

Beat it! Beat it beat it! Just beat it beat it beat it!

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Hahaha you get the point (of the song)!  OK, so this post is actually about TWO different items I finally pulled out of storage.

No...not the sunglasses- I just kinda like to take pics of myself 😉 hehe

Two years ago, Husband and I wed.  With this, we had a lovely registry that resulted in beautiful gifts…some of which I have not yet used… like this baby:

Get this title now?

Based on this recipe for (organic) white chocolate coconut cookies.  Organic because I was at Whole Foods and didn’t feel like going to the Superfresh…Across the street.  I actually got the initial idea from one of my favorite new bloggers, CatasTROPHYwife.  Hehe.  She is hilarious.  Anyway, let the baking begin!

Recipe called for coconut creme pudding but the store only had vanilla...oh well. I forgot until I saw this picture, they were so delish.

Um, can I say HOLY YUM.  Hope’s Cookies has NOTHING on me!

I used parchment paper as suggested in the recipe, and the cookies were baked better than I've ever seen. Only problem is it is pricey. Can you reuse it?

Note: the ones on the right are for my Dad who likes 'em burned

So, I wanted to let you in on a little secret clean-up trick I sometimes use…

Don’t judge.  OK, so the second thing I dragged out from the cobwebs was a Jewel Jet that I begged Husband to buy me and never used (typical)

Again, don’t judge.

Pre-treatment soaking in a fizzy bath

After the steaming…All clean!

OK, so tell me:  what item did you buy and never use?

PS:  Other examples of mine are:

1. A case of Fuse drink from Costco that the Husband still kids me about.  Only one was drunk…by my father-in-law.  Haha.

2.  A waterproof mp3 player.  I get on these kicks where  I NEED something, usually it pertains to a particular activity. In this instance I wanted to start swimming…I STILL DO…so I got this.


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Haha!  I bet that title got ya!  Hehe.  So my WORKOUTS lately have been consisting of a lot of two-timing lately.

Two timing my running with the Elliptical of bike.

Two-timing my gym for the great outdoors (or vice versa) or splitting the time between (ex: 4 miles inside, 3 miles outside)

Two-timing Dr. Phil with the Phillies game in the background (three cheers for personal cardio tvs + “public” gym tvs!)

Note: this was YESTERDAY

Dr Phils wins EVERY time 😉  Haha.  Today I devoted my FULL workout to just him.

Two-timing my stretching by taking pics of myself…doesn’t everyone do that?!

Are you a two-timer?! Toodles!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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Today I managed to drag my thutt off the couch into the sweltering heat and over to the gym for some treadmill time with Dr. Phil.  He gets me everytime!  What a motivator!  🙂  I wanted to keep it easy due to my 7-miler yesterday and the redic heat.  Event though I had to blow on my arm every couple minutes, it was all good!

It IS healing...finally

I did a slow and easy 4 miles (at about a 10:15 pace) and it was delicious (as was the salacious Dr. Phil episode).  I then took it to the recumbent bike and did a quick three miles. I had to finish watching the show!  Priorities, people!

That Michael Strahan gap in my teeth is an illusion...

I was a happy camper when finished because I debated giving myself a free day and was glad I did not.  Says both Tina and Caitlin, you NEVER regret a workout!  Lately I have been thinking a lot about my heart rate while exercizing.  Not to be cryptic, but I have been wanting to have more control (let’s go with knowledge of, first) over my heart rate while exercising, specifically keeping it low at times.  So, I have decided to purchase a simple heart rate monitor OR figure out how to get the one on my Garmin to work.  In all honesty I kinda want them to be separate so I do not need one with the other; the Garmin tends to be REALLY cumbersome!

I had forgotten that Husband gave me a generous gift card to Philadelphia Runner, my FAVE, so I have decided to make a lil’ trippy trip there tomorrow to buy the following:

-Said heart rate monitor

-Beverage holder (I have a camelbak but want a less burdensom sprinter maybe- I had one of these before that MOLDED! ew!)

-New shoes.  It’s about that time.

What is on YOUR shopping list?!?!

The DOG Days of Summer…

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Not TOO much going on here at the home of upsanddownes.  The heat is ON as is the grading of papers.  Enough of that, pictures are worth a thousand words…MY DAY:

OK, now I need to allure myself off the couch with promises of Dr. Phil on the treadmill in the AC…cross your fingers!

Break it up. Sweat it out.

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Today, I dared.  I ran outside!  They say it is only getting hotter, and i was really craving it, so I promised myself I would closely monitor myself to be sure I was “ok.”

I also decided to do half inside at the gym in the AC on the treadmill WITH E!  haha  BUT, this workout was one I had to battle for!  I needed motivation!  Luckily, I got some!

Yup.  Good call, girl.  And that I did.  I made a loop around Philly to run some errands, breaking it up, which was NEEDED due to said heat.

From --- one of my favorite sites!

I ran to Trader Joe’s on Market StreetI stopped at my gym and did 4 miles on the treadmill.  I had planned to do 3 but did a slow easy run and felt like doing 4.  Woah!

Why yes, that IS a picture of my tv hahhah!

Looks like there will be NO outdoor running for a WHILE.  Treadmill and I will be getting very close… oh and Us Weekly 😉  How about you?!  How do you deal with the heat and your workouts?!  Do share!

None of that

Impulse Purchases



This post will be of NO surprise to ANYONE who knows me and those people…hold your snickers, please 😉  Anyway, I am a victim (ya heard me, VICTIM) of impuse purchasing.  I refrain from calling it “shopping” because I feel there is a fine line between the two.  LOL.  OK, so I wanted to share some impulse and NON-impulse (and maybe some undecided) purchases as of late.  Here we go!


Tupperware container set

See, the things is, I have purchased dozens a lot of these tupperware sets in the past and in all honesty, they just don’t work for me.  I lose them, I get grossed out and “accidentally” throw one out…you know.  Or maybe not…Anyway, I bought another one anyway.  Hence, an impulse purchase.

IMPULSE PURCHASE from Whole Foods 


OK seriously, I NEVER buy cheese like that…only slices!  And I NEVER “fall victim” to the sample-givers.  But the gouda girl…the GOUDA GIRL!  She killed me.  She drew me out of the checkout line, luring me with her cheese.  Gr.  I don’t seem to mind right now though…

nom nom!



This purchase felt more like a witch hunt as we went to about 8 stores on Saturday looking for this awesome Dyson Animal Handheld vacuum.  I hope “animal” means vacuums animal hair AND vacuums LIKE an animal, cause we need a GOOD vacuum. This chicky sheds like…I dunno…a snake?

Haha! That picture CRACKS me up! We had just bathed the lil' brat.

UGH!  Speaking of that Bitch (hey, she is one) look what she did to my sunglasses (see original pair in first picture)!

She does like to chew and get into stuff…

Oh, and I guess those are technically an IMPULSE PURCHASE from TJ Maxx, but were 6 bucks!  Does that count?!


Halston (LOVE that brand) ruched cotton dress. 20 bucks. AH-mazing!

OK, my Mom doesn’t even read this but I still feel compelled to tell you that my mum actually bought it for me…I just cannot handle myself in clothing stores.  I plead the fifth.


I actually TRULY needed one as my last one broke somehow.  I really do not know how.  Husband super glued it back together, but really?  It was on sale too…(oh god that really made me sound like I have a problem ha)

IMPULSE PURCHASE also from Pier One

Plastic cuppy thing...

Why?  Because I wanted it…and besides, Tina has one…and it was on sale…oy.

IMPULSE PURCHASE final one from Pier One (clearly I had a lil’ date there today)

I really do feel like I could always use more coffee cups (or just run the dishwasher more often) and I have a matching measuring cup set that I display.  On sale… (!)

OOOOOKKKKK. That is enough of MY confessions!  Your turn!  Hit up the comments section.  OH, and by the way, if you are keeping score I think it was 6 impulse purchases and 2 non-impulse purchases…awesome.

Go Ahead, Send the Hate Mail


Again, like anyone reads this, although I DO have to send a shout out to Reader Stephanie:

OK, so what I was going to discuss in this post might send some people reeeeeling.  Oh well…no one really reads this anyway (except Stephanie and the obligatory Husband; actually don’t even think my Mother reads this) and besides, it’s my blog 🙂  So I was thinking a lot lately about running.  I truly feel it is a gift. I have compared it to tackling life before.  SO when I return to it after injury or lack of motivation, I just feel SOOOO blessed to be running again.  I just feel that nothing compares to running.  Not the elliptical, not the Cybex, not cardio classes, certainly not biking, not even swimming…well maybe swimming 😉  But the accomplishment that I feel and the way my body feels post-run is like nothing else.  And the mental strength it takes during along with what the body endures while running is like nothing else.  OK, just wanted to say that.  Do you agree?

My face says it all!


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OK, so I have actually been going to acupuncture for about a month and a half so far.  I I haven’t really “revealed” this on the blog yet (ohhhh I know sooo many people read this…lol…they don’t :)) because I wanted to give it a bit of time in hopes for an accurate assessment.  Anyway, I like it.  I really do.  I go to Steve Mavros at the Healing Arts Center of Philadelphia and he is awesome.  Like Yoga, where  find savasana (final resting or corpse pose) the hardest; being still is NOT one of my strongpoints, I find the hardest part of acupuncture is when the needles are IN (not when they are being PUT in) and you have to lay there are REST. ARGH!  Kills me every time!

Anyway the fact is, my life is stressful, so I need acupuncture…ya know, I spend a LOT of time doing this

OK, so , go me, I got to the gym today.  I did 4 miles on the treadmill and threw in a freebie one more on the track.  Total=5.  Good math, doll.

Slow and steady wins the race...

Right, so per half marathon training, I am good.  The ankle was “good” and the arm held up OK except that I kinda had to immobilize it because “pumping it” while running was making the skin stretch too much.  Ew.  I know.  Ya know what, I’m just gonna let it all hang out; no one reads this anyway 😉  so my toe was bleeding when I took my sock off to get in the shower (shocking, I know…not the toe, the shower).  I have no idea why.  Random!new shoes maybe?  OK, in yummier news, er…

French vanilla ice cream with fiber one PB Brownie (trust me, they're good), and some trader joe's waffle cookies. Unreal.


Lunch today: leftover turkey and melted brie yummmm

Getting (back) into the Groove


UGH Motivation Gods, please help me!!!! I do not know what the problem is lately but I have been seriously lacking in motivation lately; not just with my workouts, but with life tasks in general.  (think:  house looks like a monsoon came through it)  I do not know if it is my various injuries or what, BUT per my stated plans, I MUST start my Half Mary training today…NO exceptions. I am hoping to get the the gym to bang through a four miler on the treadmill.  Philadelphia heat is definitely NOT cooperating with outside running plans…

I am going to be relying a LOT on the following:

– The latest US Weekly Mags

– My new ipad for entertainment


– My mantra:  Pain is temporary, PRIDE is forever.

Do you have a mantra you use for exercise?  For life in general?