My Summer

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Ok, so I feel like I spend a LOT of time explaining my MIA-ness or where I’ve been.  Let’s just skip that and go with the following:  It is my summer, guys!  Yay!  So, while my full-time job is on hiatus until late August (gotta love the summer of a teacher :-)) I am still part-timing as an Adjunct Professor for a local Graduate School of Ed.  Love it.  Point though, the summer is NOT all fun and games…just mostly 😉  Hehe.  I’ve been spending a LOT of time with these chickadees….

And yes, the backyard is our favorite place as of late.  I try to pretend like I’m doing work.  Hehe.  Anyway, as for my fitness routine, I have been keeping up with Cardio (sounds like a new reality show akin to Keepin’ up with the Kardash…) via an hour a day on the Cybex trainer and a bit on the recumbent bike.  Yesterday I even threw in a mile on the dreadtreadmill.  Here are some reasons for my easing up on running lately:

1. It’s gettin’ hot in herrrrrr…seriously, Philly summers can be hot and humid, leading runners like me to flock to the treadmill in refuge of the heat, but this, as well all know, can not only be boring, but bad on the joints after a while.

2.  My shin is acting up.  YUP, been not willing to admit it, but the stress fracture in my left shin is a hurtin’.  This means rest before my “leg snaps in half” per my brother in law.  Whatevs!

3.  LOVE my IPAD!  Really hard to run and play with my NEW ipad (thx Husb!), so low impact is the name of my game!

4.  Weird appetite.  In this heat and the summer in general, I tend to be less hungry and therefore eat less.  SOOOOO I need to adjust my fitness levels accordingly. Yes, I like to get in a good steady sweat for at least an hour, but “running on empty” just doesn’t work.  If you are wondering, my recent eats have looked a LOT like this lately:

I wanted to mention, since I haven’t had a chance to blog about this yet, that before my shin started acting up I was doing some amazing trail running!  I began running a 5-mile loop (that I still haven’t quite figured out and end up doing a loop around and back) at the Audubon Society at MIll Grove in Audbon, PA.  There are other trails that pick up there as well, like the Schyulkill River trail.  Anyway, I just love it.  So peaceful and great to be with nature when living in the city.

How beautiful is this?

OK, so moving on…I’ve been doing some other fun things this summer, like this:

Messing with...I mean bathing Addie

Go Phils! Look at the incognito Husb:)

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