Half Marathon Training BEGINS…


Monday!  Hopefully…(avert your eyes for gross picture below)

Sprained ankle...on your right

Bum arm from bike accident

my injuries will NOT derail my Half Mary training any more than they already have!  When we left for the cruise I was in good (not great) shape for the beginning of training.  I wanted to continue my training on the ship, hence my run on day one at sea that resulted unfortunately in my sprained ankle.  Since then, I’ve been “cross training” keeping it to low impact exercises like the elliptical, Cybex or Bike but maintaining my “on your feet time” for at least an hour to be in the groove of half Mary training.  But, in all honesty, my ankle kinda hurts still.  It is tender and doesn’t feel great.  Bummer.  SO my plan is to stay off of it this weekend (I rested Friday and will do so Sat and Sun too) and then try for a lil’ 4 mler on Monday.  I have to just feel it out and see how it goes.  NOT running this half marathon is NOT in my mind at all.  Oops!  I totally forgot to mention which Halfie I’m running:  the ING on September 18, 2011!

I am SO excited because I have never ran a Rock N’ Roll Half and I hear they are a BLASTY!  I also really LOVE running through my city!

SO I have run two half marathons previously; the Philly Half last November (2010)

and the Disney Princess Half in late February 2011.

Anyway, unfortunately I only have about 9 weeks to train for this Half Marathon so I hope that my current “OK” level of fitness carries me enough. Most training plans, especially my favorite, Hal Higdon’s, require 10 or more training weeks.  Understandable.  But I’ll make due with what I have.   And unfortunately, due to Philadelphia’s forecast, I forsee a lot of treadmill-ing in my near future 😉  OK, so I’m off to enjoy a riveting Lifetime movie with my ankle propped up on the couch…don’t judge.  Isn’t that how the “cool people” enjoy Saturday afternoons?

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