Getting (back) into the Groove


UGH Motivation Gods, please help me!!!! I do not know what the problem is lately but I have been seriously lacking in motivation lately; not just with my workouts, but with life tasks in general.  (think:  house looks like a monsoon came through it)  I do not know if it is my various injuries or what, BUT per my stated plans, I MUST start my Half Mary training today…NO exceptions. I am hoping to get the the gym to bang through a four miler on the treadmill.  Philadelphia heat is definitely NOT cooperating with outside running plans…

I am going to be relying a LOT on the following:

– The latest US Weekly Mags

– My new ipad for entertainment


– My mantra:  Pain is temporary, PRIDE is forever.

Do you have a mantra you use for exercise?  For life in general?

3 thoughts on “Getting (back) into the Groove

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