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OK, so I have actually been going to acupuncture for about a month and a half so far.  I I haven’t really “revealed” this on the blog yet (ohhhh I know sooo many people read this…lol…they don’t :)) because I wanted to give it a bit of time in hopes for an accurate assessment.  Anyway, I like it.  I really do.  I go to Steve Mavros at the Healing Arts Center of Philadelphia and he is awesome.  Like Yoga, where  find savasana (final resting or corpse pose) the hardest; being still is NOT one of my strongpoints, I find the hardest part of acupuncture is when the needles are IN (not when they are being PUT in) and you have to lay there are REST. ARGH!  Kills me every time!

Anyway the fact is, my life is stressful, so I need acupuncture…ya know, I spend a LOT of time doing this

OK, so , go me, I got to the gym today.  I did 4 miles on the treadmill and threw in a freebie one more on the track.  Total=5.  Good math, doll.

Slow and steady wins the race...

Right, so per half marathon training, I am good.  The ankle was “good” and the arm held up OK except that I kinda had to immobilize it because “pumping it” while running was making the skin stretch too much.  Ew.  I know.  Ya know what, I’m just gonna let it all hang out; no one reads this anyway 😉  so my toe was bleeding when I took my sock off to get in the shower (shocking, I know…not the toe, the shower).  I have no idea why.  Random!new shoes maybe?  OK, in yummier news, er…

French vanilla ice cream with fiber one PB Brownie (trust me, they're good), and some trader joe's waffle cookies. Unreal.


Lunch today: leftover turkey and melted brie yummmm

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