Break it up. Sweat it out.

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Today, I dared.  I ran outside!  They say it is only getting hotter, and i was really craving it, so I promised myself I would closely monitor myself to be sure I was “ok.”

I also decided to do half inside at the gym in the AC on the treadmill WITH E!  haha  BUT, this workout was one I had to battle for!  I needed motivation!  Luckily, I got some!

Yup.  Good call, girl.  And that I did.  I made a loop around Philly to run some errands, breaking it up, which was NEEDED due to said heat.

From --- one of my favorite sites!

I ran to Trader Joe’s on Market StreetI stopped at my gym and did 4 miles on the treadmill.  I had planned to do 3 but did a slow easy run and felt like doing 4.  Woah!

Why yes, that IS a picture of my tv hahhah!

Looks like there will be NO outdoor running for a WHILE.  Treadmill and I will be getting very close… oh and Us Weekly 😉  How about you?!  How do you deal with the heat and your workouts?!  Do share!

None of that

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