Go Ahead, Send the Hate Mail


Again, like anyone reads this, although I DO have to send a shout out to Reader Stephanie:

OK, so what I was going to discuss in this post might send some people reeeeeling.  Oh well…no one really reads this anyway (except Stephanie and the obligatory Husband; actually don’t even think my Mother reads this) and besides, it’s my blog 🙂  So I was thinking a lot lately about running.  I truly feel it is a gift. I have compared it to tackling life before.  SO when I return to it after injury or lack of motivation, I just feel SOOOO blessed to be running again.  I just feel that nothing compares to running.  Not the elliptical, not the Cybex, not cardio classes, certainly not biking, not even swimming…well maybe swimming 😉  But the accomplishment that I feel and the way my body feels post-run is like nothing else.  And the mental strength it takes during along with what the body endures while running is like nothing else.  OK, just wanted to say that.  Do you agree?

My face says it all!

2 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Send the Hate Mail

  1. ok, so I read your blogs! After just finishing three days of 5 mile runs in this heat, I feel that running is a great form of exercise. I absolutely feel that I push myself physically and mentally during a run. I started running 3 years after the twins were born, thanks to my superdeedooper friend Susie. Those “babies” are now going to be 12, so I guess by my Uncle Dan’s standards, I’m a runner!!!! YEAH! I am always thrilled when the run is over (coffee is awaiting) and very proud of my accomplishment. I use to belong to a gym and do the bike, stair climber(no ellipticals when I belonged), some classes, but I must admit, I am addicted to running. I do worry about the stress that it is putting on my knees and the darn plantar “whatever you call it” is bad in the morning. However, I seem to manage to put my worries aside and wake up 4 – 5 mornings a week and get in that run (even in the bitter cold winter). Ok, so there you have my comments! Hope your injuries heal quickly! Talk soon! Mariellen XO

    • Mariellen…you didn’t reveal that you are related to me! lol! I love you! I also completely agree with you regarding your theories on running, except I myself am NOT an early morning runner. The coffee has to go in BEFORE. Who knows, maybe this will change once babies enter the pic?!? Miss you love you and thanks for reading!

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