Impulse Purchases



This post will be of NO surprise to ANYONE who knows me and those people…hold your snickers, please 😉  Anyway, I am a victim (ya heard me, VICTIM) of impuse purchasing.  I refrain from calling it “shopping” because I feel there is a fine line between the two.  LOL.  OK, so I wanted to share some impulse and NON-impulse (and maybe some undecided) purchases as of late.  Here we go!


Tupperware container set

See, the things is, I have purchased dozens a lot of these tupperware sets in the past and in all honesty, they just don’t work for me.  I lose them, I get grossed out and “accidentally” throw one out…you know.  Or maybe not…Anyway, I bought another one anyway.  Hence, an impulse purchase.

IMPULSE PURCHASE from Whole Foods 


OK seriously, I NEVER buy cheese like that…only slices!  And I NEVER “fall victim” to the sample-givers.  But the gouda girl…the GOUDA GIRL!  She killed me.  She drew me out of the checkout line, luring me with her cheese.  Gr.  I don’t seem to mind right now though…

nom nom!



This purchase felt more like a witch hunt as we went to about 8 stores on Saturday looking for this awesome Dyson Animal Handheld vacuum.  I hope “animal” means vacuums animal hair AND vacuums LIKE an animal, cause we need a GOOD vacuum. This chicky sheds like…I dunno…a snake?

Haha! That picture CRACKS me up! We had just bathed the lil' brat.

UGH!  Speaking of that Bitch (hey, she is one) look what she did to my sunglasses (see original pair in first picture)!

She does like to chew and get into stuff…

Oh, and I guess those are technically an IMPULSE PURCHASE from TJ Maxx, but were 6 bucks!  Does that count?!


Halston (LOVE that brand) ruched cotton dress. 20 bucks. AH-mazing!

OK, my Mom doesn’t even read this but I still feel compelled to tell you that my mum actually bought it for me…I just cannot handle myself in clothing stores.  I plead the fifth.


I actually TRULY needed one as my last one broke somehow.  I really do not know how.  Husband super glued it back together, but really?  It was on sale too…(oh god that really made me sound like I have a problem ha)

IMPULSE PURCHASE also from Pier One

Plastic cuppy thing...

Why?  Because I wanted it…and besides, Tina has one…and it was on sale…oy.

IMPULSE PURCHASE final one from Pier One (clearly I had a lil’ date there today)

I really do feel like I could always use more coffee cups (or just run the dishwasher more often) and I have a matching measuring cup set that I display.  On sale… (!)

OOOOOKKKKK. That is enough of MY confessions!  Your turn!  Hit up the comments section.  OH, and by the way, if you are keeping score I think it was 6 impulse purchases and 2 non-impulse purchases…awesome.

2 thoughts on “Impulse Purchases

  1. i have a dyson animal – they are worth EVERY PENNY. it works so much better than my old vacuum – my dogs shed like mad and you should see what that thing pulls out of our carpet.

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