Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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Today I managed to drag my thutt off the couch into the sweltering heat and over to the gym for some treadmill time with Dr. Phil.  He gets me everytime!  What a motivator!  🙂  I wanted to keep it easy due to my 7-miler yesterday and the redic heat.  Event though I had to blow on my arm every couple minutes, it was all good!

It IS healing...finally

I did a slow and easy 4 miles (at about a 10:15 pace) and it was delicious (as was the salacious Dr. Phil episode).  I then took it to the recumbent bike and did a quick three miles. I had to finish watching the show!  Priorities, people!

That Michael Strahan gap in my teeth is an illusion...

I was a happy camper when finished because I debated giving myself a free day and was glad I did not.  Says both Tina and Caitlin, you NEVER regret a workout!  Lately I have been thinking a lot about my heart rate while exercizing.  Not to be cryptic, but I have been wanting to have more control (let’s go with knowledge of, first) over my heart rate while exercising, specifically keeping it low at times.  So, I have decided to purchase a simple heart rate monitor OR figure out how to get the one on my Garmin to work.  In all honesty I kinda want them to be separate so I do not need one with the other; the Garmin tends to be REALLY cumbersome!

I had forgotten that Husband gave me a generous gift card to Philadelphia Runner, my FAVE, so I have decided to make a lil’ trippy trip there tomorrow to buy the following:

-Said heart rate monitor

-Beverage holder (I have a camelbak but want a less burdensom sprinter maybe- I had one of these before that MOLDED! ew!)

-New shoes.  It’s about that time.

What is on YOUR shopping list?!?!

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