Beat it! Beat it beat it! Just beat it beat it beat it!

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Hahaha you get the point (of the song)!  OK, so this post is actually about TWO different items I finally pulled out of storage.

No...not the sunglasses- I just kinda like to take pics of myself 😉 hehe

Two years ago, Husband and I wed.  With this, we had a lovely registry that resulted in beautiful gifts…some of which I have not yet used… like this baby:

Get this title now?

Based on this recipe for (organic) white chocolate coconut cookies.  Organic because I was at Whole Foods and didn’t feel like going to the Superfresh…Across the street.  I actually got the initial idea from one of my favorite new bloggers, CatasTROPHYwife.  Hehe.  She is hilarious.  Anyway, let the baking begin!

Recipe called for coconut creme pudding but the store only had vanilla...oh well. I forgot until I saw this picture, they were so delish.

Um, can I say HOLY YUM.  Hope’s Cookies has NOTHING on me!

I used parchment paper as suggested in the recipe, and the cookies were baked better than I've ever seen. Only problem is it is pricey. Can you reuse it?

Note: the ones on the right are for my Dad who likes 'em burned

So, I wanted to let you in on a little secret clean-up trick I sometimes use…

Don’t judge.  OK, so the second thing I dragged out from the cobwebs was a Jewel Jet that I begged Husband to buy me and never used (typical)

Again, don’t judge.

Pre-treatment soaking in a fizzy bath

After the steaming…All clean!

OK, so tell me:  what item did you buy and never use?

PS:  Other examples of mine are:

1. A case of Fuse drink from Costco that the Husband still kids me about.  Only one was drunk…by my father-in-law.  Haha.

2.  A waterproof mp3 player.  I get on these kicks where  I NEED something, usually it pertains to a particular activity. In this instance I wanted to start swimming…I STILL DO…so I got this.

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