We are very lucky in terms of proximity where we live.  It is only one of the many things we love about our home.  We a live ONE BLOCK from Whole Foods, Superfresh, and CVS!  Only TWO BLOCKS away are a pet store (so useful), a self-serve fro-yo bar, an amazing pizza place, a yummy bbq restaurant, a good fancy restaurant and a liquor store.  Gotta love it.  Anyway, I was thinking today about my usage of this places, primarily the Whole Foods vs. Superfresh scenario.  Here are the basics:  I used to go to Superfresh for almost EVERYTHING (including meat, dairy and produce) and Whole Foods for true specialty items (certain sauces, breads, prepared foods).  NOW though, I have been using Whole Foods for about 70% of my groceries, including meat, dairy (except Lactaid and my Coffee Mate Hazelnut Creamer), etc.

There are still some staples though that I NEED to get at Superfresh…for instance:

"Staples" ya know?

What are your thoughts on the super market situation?

2 thoughts on “Grocery.

  1. i end up going to whole foods most weekends, and costco maybe once or twice a month. i feel you on the “staples” – whole foods needs to start selling cases of diet pepsi 🙂

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