The HEART of the Matter


Yes, DEFINITELY one of my favorite books…

But THIS post, is all about the heart, specifically, exercising heart rate!  So, due to some issues discussed before, I was trying to gain some control (or even knowledge) of my heart rate while doing various exercises.  In all reality, I clearly had NO idea what my resting, or other heart rate even was!  If you told me 5, I’d believe you…yea, I know, I wouldn’t be alive 😉  Anywhooooo, I decided to bite the bullet and go purchase a heart rate monitor at my FAVE running store, Philadelphia Runner.

Right after I purchased this baby, I went straight to the gym to try it out!

It seemed as if my resting heart rate was about 88…

BUT after telling my (amazing) accupuncturist this, he disagreed and took my heart rate himself telling me it is more like 76.  OK, maybe I was excited for my run?  Hahha, or maybe Polar isn’t EXACT?  Dunno…

So, it seems that when I run INSIDE at about a 10:00 mile pace, my heart rate is about 150…

When I run outside (as I have been this week down the shore) it tends to get higher, I assume due to the heat and my body’s attempts to cool me off.  The key to this heart rate monitor (and maybe others, I dunno) is to wet the two sensors inside the chest strap. If you don’t, it doesn’t work…trust me 😉

Oh, and FYI, I have been SERIOUSLY rocking out to beyonce’s GIRLS (Who Run the World),

Rihanna’s CHEERS, and One Republic’s Good Life (as suggested by Lisa Paige).  What’s on YOUR current running playlist?! I’m always looking for suggestions…OH, and DO YOU USE A HEART RATE MONITOR?!?!

6 thoughts on “The HEART of the Matter

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