Brats N Tots…It’s what’s for dinner

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With the fall finally here, and October Oktoberfest among us, a fall fave hit the menu rotation tonight:  BRATS and (Tater)TOTS!

Yesterday at Whole Paycheck, the sample guy wrangled me into trying (for sure it was real hard…not) the Brats.

Um…holy deliciousness.  He had two mustards there; the original yellow (my fave) and the stoneground.  Wow.  SOOOOO good.  I had already started a hankering trend for sausage-like products at Saturday’s midtown festival in Philly and was ready for some more.

I immediately threw a pack into my basket and went on my merry way.  Hence…brats and tots for dinner- DO IT!  Oh, and have yerself a BREWSKY with!  Happy Oktoberfest!

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