Noodle-less Lasagna A La Crock Pot

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You know that I LOVE a good Slow Cooker Sunday, so here is an oldie but goodie adopted from this recipe. (excuse the yellow-tinted pics- the phone camera was doing wonky stuff)


Spinach, Mushrooms, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Eggplant, Mozzarella slices, Ricotta (one container), tomato sauce, parmesan to top


haha!  look at the Equal packet!Slice squash, zucchini and eggplant THIN (these will be your “noodles”) with a mandolin:

A note of caution: BE CAREFUL! I have SLICED my thumb on this before and it is NOT fun!

Slice mushrooms as well

In crock pot, pour a bit of sauce on the bottom, then layer the eggplant, squash and zucchin (as noodles).  Smear a third of the container of ricotta on top (I usually do this in thirds)

Then pile on a third of the spinach and mushrooms.  Layer some sliced cheese on top (I only use a bit as I feel this gets SUPER cheesy, but the amount is up to you).

Pile on some more sauce.

Layer the rest of the ingredients in the same manner.

Cook in crockpot for about 8 hours on LOW so the veggies become the texture of noodles.  YUM!  I LOVE this stuff!  And it is sooo healthy!  Very easy to get in your daily veggie requirements!  I like to put garlic sauce and parmesan on top.  .  I also like to serve with garlic bread (made on whole wheat baguette)  ENJOY!