Exercising While Pregnant


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while…on Monday I will be seven months pregnant.  As you know, exercise was an enormous part of my life prior to “getting knocked up” (classy) and I was hoping it would remain so throughout.  For the first four months, I spend my days with face in the can.  The only exercising was pertaining to my gag reflux. Sweet.  But, post four months, I’ve fallen into a different, but good routine.  Overall I try to work out 4-5 times a week, with these past couple months mainly consisting of 5 times per week-ers.  At the beginning I did attempt a few runs while the weather was nice, and this was fine for a while.

But then, it got super uncomfortable (probably around 4.5 months) and those runs progressed to loooong walks…

Then when the weather started to not cooperate, I moved my workouts indoor.  I mix it up weekly between a mix of the following:

45 minute spin class (definitely still comfortable but I chill with jumps)

40 minute Cybex or Elliptical with 10-20 minutes recumbent bike combo

And my new favorite…the POOL!

Sometimes I will do a brick-type workout with the pool (25 minutes Cardio machine then 25 minutes pool) but mostly I will do about an hour in the pool.  My favorites for the pool are running laps (to keep my form and because I truly miss running) and swimming with the kickboard- just doing kicks, usually frog kicks.  I typical hour long “swim” for me looks like this:  25 minutes jogging, 10 minutes kicking, 15 more minutes jogging, 10 more kicking.  I usually only do about 14 laps (lengths) of kicks.

So the funny thing is that I really LOVE to do this while listening to my ipod. SO, I have come up with a (hopefully) foolproof way of doing so.  Although I have a waterproof mp3 player that I got on the cheap from amazon, I have yet to figure out how to use it, so I do THIS with my ipod:

I wrap it in my bun then secure with another hair elastic.  Then, I click SHUFFLE!  It has worked everytime and I hope I didn’t jinx myself.  But to be safe, I wrap it until one a bit of it hangs so that if it does fall out of my bun, it won’t fall far enough to hit the water.  DERP~!

And let’s be honest.  it isn’t always easy to motivate myself to work out, but once I get started I am SO appreciative I did.  I NEED these workouts for mental sanity! So when I do get it together to work out, I do try to make it around 50 min-an hour.  It is like motivating any other time. What about you?!  What have your workouts looked like recently?!

5 thoughts on “Exercising While Pregnant

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  2. Congrats Jess! Guess I have been MIA from Philly blog-land because I had no idea (unless maybe this is the first time you posted about it?) Anyway, awesome news 🙂

    • Hey Kelly! No I didn’t really publicize the pregnancy much…part superstition part soooo sick 😉 hope you are well! I’m back and will post more often!!

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