What’s for dinner: Pulled Pork a la Crock

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You all know about the love affair I am having with my Crock Pot.  Breaking it was heart-wrenching for me.  So when I got a new one, (a mere two days later)  I decided to Christen it with my all-time FAVORITE crock-pot recipe:  pulled-pork.

First, brown the pork (I use butt or shoulder-if you chose a less fatty cut, you will just need to cook it longer in order for the pork to break apart easily) in frying pan with a little beat of heated oil.  Browning it holds/seals the flavor in.  This will take about 8 min.  I usually do about 2 min. a side.

Then, pour some bbq sauce (I like the brand Stubb’s, bought at Whole Foods, you use two so sometimes I like to mix flavors like honey smoked and hickory bbq) in the bottom of the crock.

I DEFINITELY use the crock pot liners (Reynolds brand) for this recipe that can be messy.   Then, add the pork.

Then, add the rest of the bbq sauce.  You don’t need to mix here if you used two sauces; it will all blend together eventually.

Then, cook for 8 hours.  I cook on high generally (sometimes I will turn it down for a bit and then back up).

I like to have mine on a kaiser roll.

…with tater tots, or parnsip fries, or homemade cole slaw, or a salad…


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