Once Upon a Time… (part 1)

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I HAD A BLOG! Haha…I wrote about things like:


Working out

Random pictures of myself

My latest crock pot adventures

My various adventures

And those sort of things…

And then…I got pregnant.

This was a 3D in utero picture taken at 29 weeks. He looks shockingly similar out of utero.

Things changed on the blog (and certainly in life). I think i only blogged a handful of times over the course of my pregnancy; sometimes about recipes like this good one, and sometimes about maintaining my fitness. ANYWAY…now I’m baaaaack! So, since I’ve been gone so long, I thought I’d dedicate this post to a FAQ-like format. BUT, I have lost my many three followers so I have brainstormed the questions you MIGHT have wanted answered 😉 hehe.


When did you find out you were pregnant and how did it go?

I found out I was pregnant in August and my due date was April 10, 2012. I found out I was having a BOY mid-point and was thrilled.

The cake from the gender revealing party- as you can see, the frosting was blue 😉

Overall I think I had a pretty average pregnancy. It was filled will ups and downs 😉 but I think overall the norm. For the first 7 weeks I continued to eat as normal although my appetite was up about 200%,

sleep and run…(though with a heart rate monitor)

BUT, from about 7 weeks thru month 4 I was ill. And I mean really ill. I took it all as a good sign although I needed medication to keep away from praying to the porcelain God twenty times a day. I was clearly unable to work out anymore but I will get into that later. The rest of my pregnancy was pretty “text-book” until “d-day.” hehe I will get into that later as well.

So, did you exercise while pregnant?

Well, after I was able to keep my lunch in post 4 months. I picked up my fitness routine again. I did a post on exercising while pregnant here, but to sum it up, I ran for a few weeks until it got REALLY uncomfortable. I then resorted to the elliptical, spinning,

and running laps in the pool.

I was pretty hard core with this from months 6-9 and would spend up to 1.25 hours in the pool daily. During the last month or so of my pregnancy I walked 4 miles daily to try to “walk the baby down.” haha more on that later 😉

Speaking of walking the baby down for delivery…

How was your delivery?

Ha! Funny “you” should ask 🙂 I had planned for a (hopefully) “natural” childbirth and had procured a doula for this purpose (a labor coach). Well, just like life, things did not go as planned…at all. I was one day post date and went to the doctor for a routine check-up. I was in the doctor’s office at 4 pm and in the OR at 5:13 pm for an emergency c-section. YUP. Anyway, alls well that ends well because a half an hour later, at 5:46, Zachary was born!

Coming up: part two (Zachary’s first ten weeks)




What’s for dinner: chicken pot pie

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Hi there! Long time no talk write ;). Thought I’d share a recipe that is deeeelish even though I basically ripped it off of Pillsbury. Oh well… If it ain’t broke… You know. So here is the original recipe and here is how I make it. I pretty much use everything they do but with the addition of garlicky potatoes. Oh and this is the easy man new mama version. Enjoy!

First roll out bottom of pie in glass pie dish. Then heat butter and add onion mixing until tender.

Add flour and mix until smoooooth.

Then add broth and milk mixing until bubbly and smooth.

Add veggies chicken and potatoes.

Set aside from heat then fill pie.

Add top pie crust and “flute” not forgetting to cut some slits to vent.

Bake at 425 for about 40 min. For the last ten minutes it is recommended that you cover the crust edges with foil so to avoid burning. Voila!

A good friend of mine brought this to me after the baby and it was a delicious meal that I was excited to make on my own. I would highly recommend you get on this now! Ps: I serve with a simple mixed greens salad 😉