Once Upon a Time… (part 1)

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I HAD A BLOG! Haha…I wrote about things like:


Working out

Random pictures of myself

My latest crock pot adventures

My various adventures

And those sort of things…

And then…I got pregnant.

This was a 3D in utero picture taken at 29 weeks. He looks shockingly similar out of utero.

Things changed on the blog (and certainly in life). I think i only blogged a handful of times over the course of my pregnancy; sometimes about recipes like this good one, and sometimes about maintaining my fitness. ANYWAY…now I’m baaaaack! So, since I’ve been gone so long, I thought I’d dedicate this post to a FAQ-like format. BUT, I have lost my many three followers so I have brainstormed the questions you MIGHT have wanted answered 😉 hehe.


When did you find out you were pregnant and how did it go?

I found out I was pregnant in August and my due date was April 10, 2012. I found out I was having a BOY mid-point and was thrilled.

The cake from the gender revealing party- as you can see, the frosting was blue 😉

Overall I think I had a pretty average pregnancy. It was filled will ups and downs 😉 but I think overall the norm. For the first 7 weeks I continued to eat as normal although my appetite was up about 200%,

sleep and run…(though with a heart rate monitor)

BUT, from about 7 weeks thru month 4 I was ill. And I mean really ill. I took it all as a good sign although I needed medication to keep away from praying to the porcelain God twenty times a day. I was clearly unable to work out anymore but I will get into that later. The rest of my pregnancy was pretty “text-book” until “d-day.” hehe I will get into that later as well.

So, did you exercise while pregnant?

Well, after I was able to keep my lunch in post 4 months. I picked up my fitness routine again. I did a post on exercising while pregnant here, but to sum it up, I ran for a few weeks until it got REALLY uncomfortable. I then resorted to the elliptical, spinning,

and running laps in the pool.

I was pretty hard core with this from months 6-9 and would spend up to 1.25 hours in the pool daily. During the last month or so of my pregnancy I walked 4 miles daily to try to “walk the baby down.” haha more on that later 😉

Speaking of walking the baby down for delivery…

How was your delivery?

Ha! Funny “you” should ask 🙂 I had planned for a (hopefully) “natural” childbirth and had procured a doula for this purpose (a labor coach). Well, just like life, things did not go as planned…at all. I was one day post date and went to the doctor for a routine check-up. I was in the doctor’s office at 4 pm and in the OR at 5:13 pm for an emergency c-section. YUP. Anyway, alls well that ends well because a half an hour later, at 5:46, Zachary was born!

Coming up: part two (Zachary’s first ten weeks)




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