My Fave Five: Baby Gear

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Alright, so I am loving doing this fave five thing, and I hope you are liking it as well!  Please feel free to add your own in the comments!  A friend of mine suggested the WEBMD Baby App from the Fave Five Baby App edition.  Check that one out for sure.  Now, for my fave five baby gear post.  Please keep in mind that these are only MY favorites and are only from my experience (like I said, definitely add yours in the comments) and I am NOT being endorsed by any company.  So….without further ado…My fave five for baby gear!

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Number 5:

Infantino Twist and Fold Vintage Baby Gym- $39.99

Zachary absolutely LOOOOVES this gym!  When I was pregnant and registering, I wanted to get gear that either served two purposes (like my 2-in-1 Graco swing and bouncy seat) OR folded up easily for storage.  We live in the city and our house is small.  I also don’t like clutter. Ha.  Try that with an infant. Anyway, this gym is adorable, twists and folds for easy storage and is great stimulation for an infant. Zachary especially likes the hanging giraffe holding a flower (? right? whaaaa?) and we put it in th stop of the pack and play to keep him/it off the ground and away from the dogs.  Anyway,  a great purchase.  We actually got two at my shower hehe.

Number 4:

Fisher Price Rock N Play- $51.99

When I was pregnant, at least five people recommended this apparatus to me and I kept thinking “seriously?! What is the big deal?!” The big deal is that this lightweight easy to travel with cradle serves as a seat for the infant, a place to nap, and rocks with infant movement.  We would sometimes use it at night if Zachary’s belly was bothering him, as the incline was helpful.  I’ve heard many moms with reflux babies use this for all-night sleeping.  Anyway, it also folds up with the touch of a button (again I love easy storage).  This was a wonderful addition to our baby gear.

Number 3:

Baby Carrier- either the ERGO ($115.00) with infant insert to be used up to 12 pounds ($25)


Or the Balboa Baby Sling by Dr. Sears (a huge advocate of attachment parenting but a great product) $59.99

Both are great for baby wearing, and I personally try to “wear” Zachary at least once a day for an hour.  There is some research that suggests the importance of “baby wearing” for the security of your child and hey, who doesn’t love a free hand?!  Anyway, I found the sling to be more useful when Zachary was smaller (less than 3 months) because after that the weight, being unevenly distributed, bothered the one shoulder that the sling was favoring.  The Ergo has been my choice as of late (post 3 months) and I’ve been known to do 4 mile walks with it.   Hey, a 12 pounds weight?  Ill take it!  IT feel like being pregnant again…almost.  The ONLY issue I have with the Ergo, and Ive heard a few moms say the same thing, is that it has a tendency to dig into my c-section scar, which still aches from time to time and definitely doesn’t feel great after a few miles in the Ergo..sometimes.  That is the thing…it doesn’t always bother me.  Anyway, a baby carrier is VERY important, in my opinion, and both of these options are great.

Number 2:

Summer Infant Video Monitor- $217.10

Self explanatory, but I feel that this monitor is absolutely the best!  I love that you can zoom in and move the camera left, right, up and down from the other room.  I also love that it has the “talk” feature that allows you to press  button and talk to your child in the other room.  You know, like “GOOOO TOOOOO SLEEEEEEP, Zachary!”  ha.  Anyway, I am a big fan of this monitor and need the video.  I have been able to see not only if the baby is fine, but if he is truly “up” from a nap or just making noises.  Expensive, but worth it.

Number 1:

Fisher Price Deluxe Monkey Bouncy Seat $43.99

Perhaps we are simpletons, but this is by far our FAVORITE piece of baby gear.  Zachary seriously spends HOURS in this bouncy seat.  It lights up, plays music, vibrates, bounces, and rattles when kicked (which he loves to do). I LOOOOVE this chair and got it on CLEARANCE at baby’s r us when I was just looking for another chair to have one at every level of the house.  Best. Purchase. Ever.  We call it “his chair” around the house and everyone knows what we are talking about. It is his chair alright!

So, what do you think?!  Do you have any to add?!  Please do!!!

Next up on the fave five:  Nursery edition!

What’s for dinner: easy peasy chicken teriyaki with noodles and veggies

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Ok so this is the easiest recipe everrrrrr and is very delish! All you need is three ingredients (feel free to substitute):
Steam fresh Asian lightly sauced veggies
Knorr teriyaki noodle sides
1 lb chicken

1. Throw veggies in the microwave for five minutes.
2. Put noodles on to cook (I add about a quarter cup more water to make it saucier) while cooking your chicken (I like to do bite sized pieces)

3. Add veggies to chicken when both are cooked. Mix through.

4. Add in cooked noodles. Stir and enjoy.

When timed properly this meal takes ten minutes to prepare from start to finish. It has a protein, carb and veggie. It also costs only about ten dollars. Yum!

My fave five: baby apps

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This is a new addition to the blog called my fave five. Each addition will focus on my favorite five of a certain thing. First up: baby apps.

The following apps can be used on an iPad and iPhone. Some can be used on an android as well.
Number 5

Baby center- This is an informative app in calendar format that presents a new piece of information daily from notable baby milestones and important information to activities that will support your baby’s growth. I like to browse this app from time to time, and the videos embedded within it are useful. It is actually an extension of the website and the app “my pregnancy today” which tracks your pregnancy day by day.
Number 4

White Noise Lite- this free app is a godsend to babies like mine who need white noise to fall asleep. It is portable, affordable, and a must in my book. Choose from sounds such as birds chirping, or our favorite: pouring rain.
Number 3

Baby symbolizer-stimulation is an important part of an infant’s development. Costing less than two dollars, thus app allows you to take baby entertainment on the go ! At home we have stim cards and a stim mobile that we use but this is transportable, easy and fun!
Number 2

Best Baby Monitor- There are a few apps of this kind on the market, so I picked the most reasonable with the best reviews. Oooohhh modern technology! Costing less than three dollars, this app allows you to use two Mac products (iPhone, iPad or MacBook ) to act as a baby monitor. You pick which you would like to use as the parent unit, and which you would like to use as the child unit. This app works well, and is an affordable option for a primary monitor as well as one for travel. We used it down the shore. You are able to access other apps, calls and messages while using the monitor as well so convenience is not an issue.
Number 1

Total Baby-I use this app by far more often than anything else on my phone. It tracks and times all of Zach’s feedings.

It also has the ability to track milestones, sleep, baths, diaper changes and more. I looooove this app. It also can create graphs that will chart the categories for you. I can’t rave enough about this app. If you have multiple apple products you can such this app as well (I have my iPad and iPhone synced for this app because I use it so often.

Alright, well I guess that’s it for my first segment of fave five. I hope this was helpful for some, and if not at least entertaining. And please feel free to share some of your favorite apps in the comments! The next edition of my fave five Will focus on baby products!

I’m here!

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I know I know…I said I’d be better at posting…starting today.  😉  So challenging with a little one…really…but more on that later.  I am planning on posting about what we do all day/week and also on what I consider to be “baby necessities” so stay tuned.  But anyway, I wanted to do a little bloggy bloggy about our recent vacay (which was absolutely fabu) while I am planted on the couch watching dr phil and eating Teddy Grahams (Yup.  Classy.) while keeping an eye on our video monitor (little one is down for one of his 45 minute power naps, yep, we are in that phase).    Anyway, here is a recent picture some recent pictures of the mister man (so hard to pick one!):

So we spent the week with my Mom in Wildwood NJ on the bay in a gorgeous spacious condo.  The view was magnificent

and we had a total blast.  I LOVED spending the time with my Mom and it was so nice to have an extra set of hand with Mister Zachy Wacky.  Definitely cried on the way home.  We did a LOT of chilling and relaxing (like on the deck)…

and I want to tell you about the other stuff we did, but FIRST, can I say how difficult it is to pack a baby for a week!??! Holy Hannah!!! Anyone else have experience with this?! I mean you need the pack n play, diapers, outfits, oh and of course you cannot forget his favorite chair…

and on and on!  My car looked like I was moving out!  OK so anyway, other than relaxing on one of the two decks (LOVE!) we went to the beach for a bit

Tummy time with Sophie on the beach!

Oh and might I add how challenging it is to bring the baby to the beach!? (sunglasses, umbrella, hat, diapers….ahhhhhh!) Anyone else agree?!  We also spent a lot of time in the hammock…

taking walks to and on the beach…

and hanging with family…

Needless to say, someone was VERY exhausted after the week!

Aaaanywhoozle, our week at the beach was fantastic and I can’t wait to go again!  How about you guys; does anyone have any fantastic summer plans?  Do tell!

Once Upon a Time (Part 2)


OK, now where was I ahhhh yes…Zachary was born…

Oh he sooooo looks like me when he is annoyed hehe

Here we go with the Q&A continued…

How was your recovery?

So as I mentioned I was not planning a c-section and was caught a bit off guard, but I have to say the recovery was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be..I like to thank my amazing doctor for that

Ha! Not a bad makeup job for a c-section…mind you I thought I was going to a routine doctor’s appointment.

…and the fact that I was in fairly ok shape thru the pregnancy 😉 I found the first couple days to be really challenging; more mentally than physically. I had carried my song for over nine months and was unable to care for him due to the fact that I.Could.Not.Move. The first night in the hospital was the worst. I felt so helpless because I was not allowed to get out of bed for anything…not to use the bathroom, not to change or comfort my son, and it was awful. Again, more mental than physical. But, I got over it. I really pushed to go home three days post c-section because it was my birthday!

What an amazing birthday present!

I began walking again (with Zach) daily the day I got home from the hospital and I really think that helped in my recovery both mentally and physically. I really was feeling MUCH better after a week. So…

Have you resumed your exercise schedule?

I was cleared to exercise at 5 weeks post delivery. Prior to that I had been walking with the baby every day (I would have him do his hour afternoon nap with me on the walk in the stroller; we cover 3-4 miles) and was excited to resume my passion…RUNNING!

But, it hurt. Like really hurt. Under the scar my abdominal muscles were so achy when I ran but of course, being stupid me, I pushed through it. It did eventually get a bit better by about week 8 post delivery, but now the issue I am “running” into (hehe) is lack of time and ability to get out of the house. The problem is, Zachary is exclusively breast fed and will NOT take a bottle…yet. We are working on it, and he did take one a few times at about 4 weeks but hasn’t since. He is VERY steadfast in what he wanted and doesn’t want (what infant isn’t) and makes it very clear shrieks his face off when offered a bottle. So, as you can imagine, it makes it very challenging to get out of the house when he eats every 2.5-3 hours during the day. So anyway, exercise either in the house or outside WITH baby works best at this point.  We do have a treadmill now (see below) that I can work out on and sometimes I will do “on demand” kickboxing videos

or walk with the baby.  But each day I do try to get some form of physical activity as it truly helps my sanity 😉

OK, moving on…

Do you have/follow any particular schedule throughout the day?

How do you deal with being so Type A while having an infant?

Anyway who has had a baby knows that “schedules” are difficult and pretty much nonexistent and at first, babies are inconsistent, and it can be really hard for a type a personality like myself 😉 Just laying it out there…anyway, At first, we did not even try for a schedule for about three weeks. Then, I tried using a routine from the Baby Whisperer that had come highly recommended to me. Turns out Zachary works fairly well on a “routine” that happens to fit his natural “schedule” anyway. It is called the EASY routine.

E- EAT – at first eating could take up to an hour including burps an changing! Ahhhh! Now eating takes about a half an hour. When everyone said it wouldn’t always take that long I found that hard to believe but they were right!

A- Activity- Ok, so how much activity could ou do with a baby? At first “activity” just meant awake time and only lasted about 40 minutes. I did luckily have a very alert baby.

Now, at 10 weeks, activity time includes simple human interaction, tummy time, time in his gym..

or Bumbo seat

Or just looking adorable (gosh it was hard to fine a million one picture of this 😉


Or sucking on his hand 🙂

S- sleep- So sleep time really varies throughout the day and throughout the stages in his little life so far. In the beginning he would sleep for a long time and that would take up most of the routine time. Now he takes a long am nap (about 1.5-2 hrs at about 10 am) the three shorter naps during the day (30-45 min) at about 130, 330 and 530.


You- during you time you are supposed to take time for yourself. In all honesty I have learned to try to nap a bit during Zachary’s morning nap or else I am a total disaster. During his other naps I clean up around the house, prepare dinner or do laundry. I will also try to run on while he is napping. Yippeeee!

I pretty much see our life in about three hour increments and the easy routine is working well for us. It definitely helps my “type A” personality. It also helps me read his cues more efficiently. For instance when he’s fussy he’s usually ready to sleep and when he wakes up he’s always ready to eat. As for night sleep I would say it is going okay. Zachary tends to cluster feed or feed very often between the hours of 7 and 9 PM. I think this is his body tanking up for a long stretch of sleep. I start his nighttime routine of bath and feeding at about nine or 915. He is usually sleeping by 945 we then get about a five or 5 1/2 hour stretch (6 lately if we are lucky!). So he wakes up around 3-4. I then feed him and he falls back to sleep until about six. He is then fed again and will sleep until about 8:30 AM. This is when we start the easy routine.  Obviously these times are approximate and varying.

We also enjoy taking outings each day.  I try to do one per day.  We are involved in two different mommy groups so that is twice a week, but other times we will just go to the supermarket, mall or my mom/dad’s to swim.  He LOOOVES swimming!

In fact, I am currently packing for our first big trip to the shore!  We are renting a condo for a week with my family and I am so excited!  I will definitely post about it!  Zachary is SO ready!

So, do you like being a Mom?

Believe it or not, I do get asked this question quite often.  Yesterday Zachary turned three months old.

I can honestly say that these have been the best three months of my life.  I cannot imagine loving anyone or anything more.  It far surpasses ANYTHING I could’ve imagined.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for my little man and I enjoy and cherish each day with him. I love you Baby Zach!