I’m here!

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I know I know…I said I’d be better at posting…starting today.  😉  So challenging with a little one…really…but more on that later.  I am planning on posting about what we do all day/week and also on what I consider to be “baby necessities” so stay tuned.  But anyway, I wanted to do a little bloggy bloggy about our recent vacay (which was absolutely fabu) while I am planted on the couch watching dr phil and eating Teddy Grahams (Yup.  Classy.) while keeping an eye on our video monitor (little one is down for one of his 45 minute power naps, yep, we are in that phase).    Anyway, here is a recent picture some recent pictures of the mister man (so hard to pick one!):

So we spent the week with my Mom in Wildwood NJ on the bay in a gorgeous spacious condo.  The view was magnificent

and we had a total blast.  I LOVED spending the time with my Mom and it was so nice to have an extra set of hand with Mister Zachy Wacky.  Definitely cried on the way home.  We did a LOT of chilling and relaxing (like on the deck)…

and I want to tell you about the other stuff we did, but FIRST, can I say how difficult it is to pack a baby for a week!??! Holy Hannah!!! Anyone else have experience with this?! I mean you need the pack n play, diapers, outfits, oh and of course you cannot forget his favorite chair…

and on and on!  My car looked like I was moving out!  OK so anyway, other than relaxing on one of the two decks (LOVE!) we went to the beach for a bit

Tummy time with Sophie on the beach!

Oh and might I add how challenging it is to bring the baby to the beach!? (sunglasses, umbrella, hat, diapers….ahhhhhh!) Anyone else agree?!  We also spent a lot of time in the hammock…

taking walks to and on the beach…

and hanging with family…

Needless to say, someone was VERY exhausted after the week!

Aaaanywhoozle, our week at the beach was fantastic and I can’t wait to go again!  How about you guys; does anyone have any fantastic summer plans?  Do tell!

One thought on “I’m here!

  1. Try packing 2 babies for a week at the beach! As the # of kids go up, the insanity increases! Cocktailing starts earlier, that’s for sure! Glad you guys had fun. He’s adorable! Mariellen

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