My fave five: baby apps

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This is a new addition to the blog called my fave five. Each addition will focus on my favorite five of a certain thing. First up: baby apps.

The following apps can be used on an iPad and iPhone. Some can be used on an android as well.
Number 5

Baby center- This is an informative app in calendar format that presents a new piece of information daily from notable baby milestones and important information to activities that will support your baby’s growth. I like to browse this app from time to time, and the videos embedded within it are useful. It is actually an extension of the website and the app “my pregnancy today” which tracks your pregnancy day by day.
Number 4

White Noise Lite- this free app is a godsend to babies like mine who need white noise to fall asleep. It is portable, affordable, and a must in my book. Choose from sounds such as birds chirping, or our favorite: pouring rain.
Number 3

Baby symbolizer-stimulation is an important part of an infant’s development. Costing less than two dollars, thus app allows you to take baby entertainment on the go ! At home we have stim cards and a stim mobile that we use but this is transportable, easy and fun!
Number 2

Best Baby Monitor- There are a few apps of this kind on the market, so I picked the most reasonable with the best reviews. Oooohhh modern technology! Costing less than three dollars, this app allows you to use two Mac products (iPhone, iPad or MacBook ) to act as a baby monitor. You pick which you would like to use as the parent unit, and which you would like to use as the child unit. This app works well, and is an affordable option for a primary monitor as well as one for travel. We used it down the shore. You are able to access other apps, calls and messages while using the monitor as well so convenience is not an issue.
Number 1

Total Baby-I use this app by far more often than anything else on my phone. It tracks and times all of Zach’s feedings.

It also has the ability to track milestones, sleep, baths, diaper changes and more. I looooove this app. It also can create graphs that will chart the categories for you. I can’t rave enough about this app. If you have multiple apple products you can such this app as well (I have my iPad and iPhone synced for this app because I use it so often.

Alright, well I guess that’s it for my first segment of fave five. I hope this was helpful for some, and if not at least entertaining. And please feel free to share some of your favorite apps in the comments! The next edition of my fave five Will focus on baby products!

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