My Fave Five: Baby Gear

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Alright, so I am loving doing this fave five thing, and I hope you are liking it as well!  Please feel free to add your own in the comments!  A friend of mine suggested the WEBMD Baby App from the Fave Five Baby App edition.  Check that one out for sure.  Now, for my fave five baby gear post.  Please keep in mind that these are only MY favorites and are only from my experience (like I said, definitely add yours in the comments) and I am NOT being endorsed by any company.  So….without further ado…My fave five for baby gear!

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Number 5:

Infantino Twist and Fold Vintage Baby Gym- $39.99

Zachary absolutely LOOOOVES this gym!  When I was pregnant and registering, I wanted to get gear that either served two purposes (like my 2-in-1 Graco swing and bouncy seat) OR folded up easily for storage.  We live in the city and our house is small.  I also don’t like clutter. Ha.  Try that with an infant. Anyway, this gym is adorable, twists and folds for easy storage and is great stimulation for an infant. Zachary especially likes the hanging giraffe holding a flower (? right? whaaaa?) and we put it in th stop of the pack and play to keep him/it off the ground and away from the dogs.  Anyway,  a great purchase.  We actually got two at my shower hehe.

Number 4:

Fisher Price Rock N Play- $51.99

When I was pregnant, at least five people recommended this apparatus to me and I kept thinking “seriously?! What is the big deal?!” The big deal is that this lightweight easy to travel with cradle serves as a seat for the infant, a place to nap, and rocks with infant movement.  We would sometimes use it at night if Zachary’s belly was bothering him, as the incline was helpful.  I’ve heard many moms with reflux babies use this for all-night sleeping.  Anyway, it also folds up with the touch of a button (again I love easy storage).  This was a wonderful addition to our baby gear.

Number 3:

Baby Carrier- either the ERGO ($115.00) with infant insert to be used up to 12 pounds ($25)


Or the Balboa Baby Sling by Dr. Sears (a huge advocate of attachment parenting but a great product) $59.99

Both are great for baby wearing, and I personally try to “wear” Zachary at least once a day for an hour.  There is some research that suggests the importance of “baby wearing” for the security of your child and hey, who doesn’t love a free hand?!  Anyway, I found the sling to be more useful when Zachary was smaller (less than 3 months) because after that the weight, being unevenly distributed, bothered the one shoulder that the sling was favoring.  The Ergo has been my choice as of late (post 3 months) and I’ve been known to do 4 mile walks with it.   Hey, a 12 pounds weight?  Ill take it!  IT feel like being pregnant again…almost.  The ONLY issue I have with the Ergo, and Ive heard a few moms say the same thing, is that it has a tendency to dig into my c-section scar, which still aches from time to time and definitely doesn’t feel great after a few miles in the Ergo..sometimes.  That is the thing…it doesn’t always bother me.  Anyway, a baby carrier is VERY important, in my opinion, and both of these options are great.

Number 2:

Summer Infant Video Monitor- $217.10

Self explanatory, but I feel that this monitor is absolutely the best!  I love that you can zoom in and move the camera left, right, up and down from the other room.  I also love that it has the “talk” feature that allows you to press  button and talk to your child in the other room.  You know, like “GOOOO TOOOOO SLEEEEEEP, Zachary!”  ha.  Anyway, I am a big fan of this monitor and need the video.  I have been able to see not only if the baby is fine, but if he is truly “up” from a nap or just making noises.  Expensive, but worth it.

Number 1:

Fisher Price Deluxe Monkey Bouncy Seat $43.99

Perhaps we are simpletons, but this is by far our FAVORITE piece of baby gear.  Zachary seriously spends HOURS in this bouncy seat.  It lights up, plays music, vibrates, bounces, and rattles when kicked (which he loves to do). I LOOOOVE this chair and got it on CLEARANCE at baby’s r us when I was just looking for another chair to have one at every level of the house.  Best. Purchase. Ever.  We call it “his chair” around the house and everyone knows what we are talking about. It is his chair alright!

So, what do you think?!  Do you have any to add?!  Please do!!!

Next up on the fave five:  Nursery edition!

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