Losing the Baby Weight; My Post Baby Body

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So, I know this can be a triggering topic for some and one that can cause much debate and judgement, which is why I have had this post on the back burner for a while.  But, this is my blog, and no one HAS to read it 😉 and I recently saw a similar interesting post by Sabrina so I thought I’d share and take that wrath 😉 Really though, if this topic is triggering to you, read no further.  Anyway, prior to getting pregnant, I would say I was in shape.  I loved the half marathon distance, and probably trained about 25 miles a week.  I also mixed in some Elliptical, but not much weight training.  Anyway, my BMI was good.  I would say I had an “athletic” build.

one of my favorite all-time pictures

Anyway, during my pregnancy (oddly enough I cannot find a single picture of me and my bump after vowing to take weekly pics) I gained about 25 pounds.  I did start about 5 lbs above where I “wanted to be” though.  I was really happy with that, and was able to maintain some physical fitness by running in the pool, walking and eating well.  I did indulge quite a bit, caving to “cravings” often, but things seemed to balance out.  SO, now I am 4.5 months out from having my beautiful baby boy and I have lost almost all of the baby weight except for a pound or two.  Most of it has come naturally, but I have been incorporating exercise back into my life for the last three months and breast feeding to thank.  I have revisited my treadmill (although only doing 5ks or even 2 mile during-nap runs about four times a week) and walk a LOT with my baby.

I find running to be a lot harder than pre-pregnancy, probably due to lack of training and honestly, breast feeding (full you know-whats) presents challenges.  Now, yes I have lost most of the weight but my body looks SO different from what it did before.  Everything is…well wider, and I guess looser.  I am ok with that. I also know that like Sabrina said, my milk supply is definitely affected if I restrict food or exercise too much. I look at my baby and cannot believe how amazing he is and how amazing this process has been.

 I can’t believe that he has doubled his birth weight eating (drinking) only what my body has created.  Good stuff.  PS:  little boy still doesn’t take a bottle.  Anyway, my house is DEFINITELY the “snack shack” as I call it.

I will say that I have never been as hungry in my LIFE as I am breast feeding. Pregnancy was NOTHING compared to this!  I am really eating for two 😉   Seriously though.  The point is, I have to make sure I am eating enough calories to even out both breastfeeding and working out (albeit smaller increments than pre-pregnancy) so to keep my supply and sanity!  Anyway, I hope that post made my point without being toooo annoying 😉  Tell me; what was your post-baby weight loss like?  Also, I would be happy to do a “day in the life of” what I eat post or post pictures, but only by request 😉

Twiddling my thumbs

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A rare occasion, but Baby Boy is taking a good nap and I am finding myself twiddling my thumbs. Yup.  Laundry is done, run has been ran (?), hair washed and it is gloomy outside, creating a sense of laziness.  So here I sit just twiddling. Do any other moms find themselves doing this on the (rare) occasion their baby is sleeping and the to-do list is not too long? I mean granted, there are still thank you notes I could catch up on, closet organizing to do, etc. But here I am twiddling. So, I thought I would write a blog post updating you on our latest happenings.  We have had a really busy week this week!  We belong to two mommy groups; one at our pediatrician’s office, and one at Nest, a really fun indoor playground in Center City.  I wanted to take a second to talk about these groups because they are super fun!  I will admit that the idea of being a stay-at-home mom with Baby Zach, while truly rewarding and amazing, is daunting to me.  I don’t like boredom, and I am always on-the-go, so a fear of mine is just this; boredom (and I guess a bit of isolation). I like people. I like interacting with people, and I thrive on these interactions.  Joining various mommy groups has allowed me to plan my week so that we have something planned each day, whether it is mommy group, errands or lunch with a friend.  The mommy group we do at Nest is called Hatchlings and is for babies 6 weeks-6 months.  My blogger buddy, Sabrina, did a grew review on Nest here.  During Hatchlings, we talk about things pertaining to what each of us are currently going through, receive information, play with our babies, and sing songs.  The group is led by Joanie, who has many years of experience doing these groups and provides us with information while leading the group discussion.  I strongly suggest Moms stop by Nest as it is a fun place to bring your kids and to meet other Moms.  Zachary is still a bit too young for the indoor playground although they do have a little area for “non walkers” which I feel he will enjoy soon.  As for the Mommy group at our pediatrician’s office, this format is a bit different.  It is lead by a social worker and begins with each of us checking in regarding our week. We bring up issues to discuss and provide each other with support.  The leader sometimes brings in resources for us based on the topics we chose to discuss, but overall serves as a group mediator.  I enjoy both groups, particularly because of the other Mom friends that I have met through them.  We even have meet ups outside of the groups.  It really helps with my fear of “being bored” or isolated.  Being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) in the city, I feel, is really fun because there is always something going on.  We also are so lucky to live within a block of an adorable playground,


Superfresh, CVS and other fun stores, so I always try to make it out for an errand per day.  Good stuff. Other things we did this week, was have a photo session by the amazing Scott Hopkins photographer.  Scott and his wife Melissa, who I met through my job, are a wonderful husband-wife team who truly capture the essence of events and people.  They photographed our wedding and did a family session for us over the weekend!  I cannot wait to see and share the results!  Of course Zachary was a bit of a cranky pants and wouldn’t smile!  Bugger! We have also been taking a lot of walks this weeks.  I try to have one of Zach’s walks be in the stroller so we can enjoy some outdoor time, I can get some exercise, and it switches things up.


OK, that is going to have to be it for now..I hear someone stirring! No more thumb twiddling this afternoon!  Please tell me though; what do you do when your baby is napping?!

28 YEARS; Confessions of a new SAHM

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This is the first time in 28 years that I have not gotten ready to “go back to school in the fall.” Coming from a family of teachers, this time of year has always brought along a special feeling; sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always laden with excitement, anxiety and anticipation of the new. This post is written with sheer honesty; I am writing with truth in mind, from the bottom of my heart. I LOVE the idea of a clean notebook, newly sharpened pencils, the smell of new textbooks, writing names on folders, staring at class lists, getting to know new people (students now, classmates of the past). Tears are actually filling my eyes as well speak (I know, a new notebook will do just that hehe). But seriously, I am blessed to have a job (a teacher of ten years) that makes me full of purpose; that affords me with a new day each day, and the opportunity to touch lives one by one while NEVER fearing boredom 🙂 If you are a teacher, you KNOW what I mean. Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there. This is and will be hard for me. I by no means see this as the end of my career and will stay “dabbling” in the profession even through my leave of absence, but it is the start of something new this year. Instead of new boxes of crayons and markers (which I am known to have plenty-hehe inside joke) I will have newly sized diapers, mommy groups, park dates and the like. I am extremely blessed to have the opportunity to stay at home with my son and to watch him grow each day. I am so lucky and would not have it any other way at this point. But one day I will return to beginning of the year staff development meetings, seeing my friends’ tanned faces while listening to their summer stories, new supply collections, and coming up with kitchy ways to display my student names (you know, “swimming through fourth grade” names on fish). Until then, I’ll just occupy myself with this adorable thang:

It is a GOOD LIFE.

My Fave Five: Nursery Edition

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Hey hey hey!  OK I’ll admit it; I KINDA did this post because I wanted to show off Zachary’s (adorable) nursery 😉  Hehe no seriously.  I worked really hard on it!  I had a vision and I love how it turned out.  Clearly the theme is Peter Rabbit.  I do have my buddies from work to thank, as pieces of my shower can be seen throughout.  🙂  Thanks ladies!  OK, so without further ado, an homage to baby’s nursery and a few of my favorite things!

#5:  The Diaper Dekor!

Might I point out the adorable hooded towels and amazing library my shower resulted in. I love that the books have messages to Baby Zachary in them!

When I was registering for a diaper disposal system, I (obviously) oscillated between the Diaper Genie and the Dekor.  A few friends had recommended it to me, and to be honest I didn’t really understand what the difference was.  I am still not sure I do, and have to disclose that I haven’t had much experience with the Genie other than the industrial sized one in the pediatrician’s office, but I like the Dekor a lot.  It is easy to change the bags (and actually is just one long tube of plastic that you tie at the end each time you begin a new “bag”).  It also does not smell.  Really.  It retails for about 40 dollars on diapers.com (we have the “plus” model).

#4:: Name Letters

My husband always makes fun of me, saying that Zachary will NEVER forget his name because I have it written on EVERYTHING…but so what?! I LOVE it!  My favorite blanket of his has his name embroidered on it, his hooded towel does too and I will admit; I am a SUCKER for things with names on them!  Hey, at least my own stuff isn’t labeled…maybe 😉 Hehe anyway, I LOVE these simple dark brown letters we got at buy buy baby.  They were only 5 dollars a piece and took minimal handy-work.  I think they add a special touch to the room, and like I’ve been told…at least he won’t remember his name 😉

#3: Infant Stimulation Mobile:

When I first set up Zachary’s room, I had a cute mobile above the crib (you can see it in the picture). Cute, it is.  Functional, not really.  While it does play music (Peter Cottontail of course) it does NOT move and the colors are too bland neutral.  When I wanted Zach to transition to his crib, I wanted to make it a “fun” place and you all know I am super about infant stimulation 😉 (see my post on have five infant apps) so I got this simple infant stimulation mobile.  It retails at  27.99 on diapers.com and is by Manhattan toy. I love that the cards are interchangeable and I carry the extra ones with me for on-the-go entertainment.  I also like to use them for tummy time to provide things for Zach to stare at/reach for.

#2: Daybed

My husband and I REALLY had it out about this daybed.  I insisted we incorporate it into the nursery and he thought it would cramp up the room.  Luckily we found a way to make it work because it has turned out to be a GREAT addition to the nursery.  I have slept on it during looooong nights ;), when Zach was transitioning into his crib, it provides a place for others to sit, and is an overall great resting place to Zach or anyone else who enters.  An extra bed that acts as a couch turned out to be super necessary for us.

#1: The rocker

Note the beautiful painting above the rocker; it was painted by a very talented loved one who passed. Special.

We got this rocker on CLEARANCE for about 200 dollars at Babys R Us.  Not only was it a steal, but I have spent more time in this rocker than anywhere in the house over the last (almost) four months.  We have created tons of priceless memories in this rocker and I LOVE it.  It is the perfect shade of chocolate brown and is super soft with a fuzzy blanket on it 😉


The blackout curtains– I KNEW we needed blackout curtains because this child is related to me; I NEED darkness when I sleep.  We have the polka dot blackout curtains WITH blackout shades under them!  hahahh really.  See rocker picture above.

Closets that are turned into alcoves– space was certainly an issue in our small city home.  So when I set up the nursery I knew I had to make the most of the space. I also knew I would not hang most of Zachary’s clothing so I turned the closet into the changing table area. I used bins overhead for storage as I’m not a fan of closet clutter especially when it is on display 🙂

OK, so those are my favorites for the nursery!  Thanks for giving me a chance to show off you my favorite room in the house. What are your nursery or other room favorites?!







Baby Gear

Baby Apps

Next Up:  Websites for Moms!

What I thought would be VS What really is: My Parental Myths


OK, so before I start this post, I want to stress that this is ONLY MY OPINION…so no haters in the comments 😉 hehe…anyway, lately I have been thinking about all of the things that I THOUGHT when I was pregnant/thinking about having a child vs. how things really are and I wanted to reflect. So, here we go:

MY Myth # 1: I will sleep when my baby sleeps!

Novel concept, but the truth is, things still have to get done! You still have to run a household (i.e. make dinner, clean, etc.) and life outside of the baby does go on. While I try to nap during his morning nap, anything beyond really isn’t doable. And to be brutally honest, I relish a minute to myself (awake) sometimes if he is perhaps napping. I also find it frustrating if his nap is say 20 minutes and I am just entering REM sleep so that doesn’t work well because his naps aren’t really as consistent yet.

MY Myth # 2: I will be so flexible with my baby!

Ha! This one is hilarious. I truuuuuly thought “hey, i’ll just strap my baby into the Ergo and off we will go carrying on with life as I know it sans baby.” Uhhhh yea, not so much. Not only am I super type A and try to keep him on a BIT of a schedule, HE works best when his schedule is minimally altered ESPECIALLY naps. For us, good naps equal good nighttime sleep, good nighttime sleep equals good naps and so the cycle continues. I know I can be a bit of a crazy (will not make plans during morning naps or after 8pm bedtime) but it is what it is, you know?!

MY Myth # 3: It will get easier and easier as the days go on!

I have mentioned this concept before in my post about the 48 hour baby and the 1 week cycle that this simply is not true. The fact is, in my experience, babies seem to work in cycles. One “good” week, one “bad” week, one “good” day, one “bad” day and so on. Now the one truth to this “myth” is that it does get easier to understand your baby’s cues as you spend more time with them and get to know them, But the myth lies in the fact that babies are constantly changing so when you feel like you finally “get” your baby…think again. Hehe.

MY Myth #4: If breast feeding works, then great, and if not then whatever.

This one might be controversial to some, but for ME breast feeding has become a non-negotiable. When I was pregnant I thought if it worked great, and if not I wouldn’t push it. But I have battled infections, entrapment feelings (hehe you KNOW what I am talking about) and all other kinds of stuff, but it has been super important to me to keep on trucking with this. I absolutely know it is not for everyone and I feel it is totally fine whatever a Mom does, but for me it has been big.

Myth # 5: Those baby books sure do know what they are talking about

While I am sure “those books” have some validity to them, and while there must be some premises that can be applied to babies in general, it cannot be ignored that babies are LITTLE PEOPLE! Each one is different. I bet there are some “text book babies” out there (whatever that means) but it can be very frustrating to compare your child to the findings or writings in a book when your child doesn’t match the exact descriptions or the methods don’t really work for YOUR child. So read the books, but take them with a grain of salt, because the one thing that I KNOW is THE TRUTH is that for every opinion there can be an opposing one found!

Myth # 6: I will love my baby a lot.

A lot doesn’t even describe it. I have said this before, but I seriously cannot imagine loving anything more than I do my son, and it was impossible to describe prior to his entrance into the world and sometimes beyond words even now. Cheesy but true and a myth I am glad to point out! 🙂

Anyway, please share some of the “myths” you thought prior to becoming a mom or in any new experience? As always, I’ll sign off with a cute Zach pic 😉


Challenging Nights and the Stork Stack (a review)

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HIIIIIII! I am writing from Zombie Mom territory (hence the name of the post) which I will talk about in a minute.  But have a consolation prize:  the delivery of my August (and first) STORK STACK!

But, first things first…challenging nights.  So, when you are pregnant or even thinking of becoming a parent, the MOST given advice/thoughts people pass along is for sure: YOU WILL BE TIRED.  DUH…Is what I thought.  Really…it used to really annoy me that people harped on that point, I mean, the miracle of a child is worth anything, right?!  But it truly is worth noting…I AM TIYUUUUUURD!  First things first:  I an so thankful for my amazing son and am mesmerized by him daily, but nobody told me that sleeping is most certainly (for me at least) one step up and two steps back.  See my post on the 48 hour baby and 1 week cycle.  For example, last week Mr. Zachary slept very well; only waking once a night to eat (certainly understandable as he is breast-fed) and even sleeping through the night from 9-7 one night!  But this week…not so much!  The night before last he woke up FIVE times!  Yes five!  And last night two but had a reaaaally hard tim falling asleep and woke up super early.  I feel like we are back in infant mode this week and it is SO frustrating.  I feel like it is worse when things are going well and then there is relapse.  But I have done research and there are many reasons for sleep disturbances such as these and I have to keep reminding myself (in my zombie state) that it can’t last forever…can it?  Here are some reasons for disturbances:

Growth Spurt

Sleep Regression

Mastering of new skill (he is rolling over and holding on to things like crazy)

-Full Moon hehe…really

Development of the idea of object permanence

Anyway, just needed a mini vent 😉 Moving on to something MUCH more positive…the STORK STACK!  This is the most fun gift (to yourself or someone else) and gives back as well!  It is similar to Birch Box (which I also “gifted” to myself hehe) in that every month, you receive samples of about 5-6 products based on your preference, shipped to your door in an adorable little box!  Birch box are beauty products while the stork stack is for babies. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  According to their website,

  1. Simply sign up for a subscription or send a gift to your loved one. Stacks start at $28/month – shipping is always free!
  2. Discover

    Every month our Stork will deliver a special Stackto your door filled with 5 of our favorite, deluxe products selected with love by our team of Moms. The products change every month, but they’re always age-appropriate for your child (and we always include something special for you!)

  3. Give Back

    With every subscription, Stork Stack Gives Back. We donate Stacks to families in need through our great philanthropic partners. Thanks to you, we’re shipping smiles every day

    I LOVE my first Stork Stack!

    First off, can we all agree how nice it is to receive (snail) mail once in a while!?

    Here is the description of what was inside:

    The awesome contents:

    The theme was Bath and Bed Time (splish splash and sleep tight).  We have already used the bath products (the mitt and toys) and loved them. I am for sure planning on using the teething towels soon because I think Mr.Zachary is soon cutting a tooth (holy hands in mouth and drool).  So, what do you think?! Is this not a great idea or what?!  I like that you can order month by month or in 3-month increments.  I also think this would be a GREAT baby shower gift. Happy Mommy = Happy Baby!






The 48 Hour Baby, 1 Week Cycle and 5 Ingredient Granola Bars


Yep.  I love number-themed titles!  I had a lot of thoughts swimming around in my head so this was a way to organize.  OK, so let me explain…

The 48 Hour Baby

So in speaking to some of my “mommy friends” the idea of the 48 hour baby evolved.  The concept is basically that babies live their lives in 48 hour cycles rather than 24 hour days.  So if they eat a lot one day, the next day they might not eat as much.  For example, one day Zach will sleep so well at night and be a napping champ, but the next day will  he will be impossible with sleep.  Does anyone else notice that or agree with this premise?

The One Week Cycle

My sister-in-law, a pediatrician and all-around awesome gal, told me that the best advice she ever received regarding child rearing was that you pretty much get a new baby every three weeks.  So basically when you think you “got it” or understand your baby, think again, because babies are constantly changing.  I am in COMPLETE agreement EXCEPT I would argue that the cycle is more like ONE week!  For example, my dear Zachary was sleeping fabulously last week, only waking once per night all week and even giving me a full night’s sleep one evening!  This week, though..nooooo no no.  My little one has decided he is back to twice a night wake-ups (generally around 2 then 5).  Now, my baby goes to sleep around 845 and wakes around 8 so this isn’t toooo bad, but what makes it even easier is simply accepting that (almost) everything with babies is a phase.  This too shall pass 🙂 And if it doesn’t, at least he is cute…

Oh, and smart.  :0)

OK aaaannnnddd finally,

The 5 Ingredient Granola Bar  

Seriously, make these now.  They are looooosely (and I mean really loosely) based on Anne P’s bars but much simpler 😉  Here’s what I used:

2 cups rolled oats

1 1/2 cup puffed rice cereal

1/2 cup brown rice syrup

1/3 c. peanut butter (I happened to use a maple syrup flavored one but you can use any creamy one)

1 tsp vanilla.

THAT’S IT!  delish!  Now, you should definitely use an add-in.  I used dried cranberries as I had some left over in the kitchen.  Other yummy ones would be

chocolate chips


pumpkin seeds

flax seeds

chia seeds


dried apricots

Mix dry ingredients together.  Mix wet ingredients together (you can microwave wet ingredients for 30 seconds to make easier to blend).  Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients.  Press into shallow pan. Refrigerate to solidify.  Cut as you eat or cut and wrap separately for an easy on-the-go snack 😉 Enjoy!