The 48 Hour Baby, 1 Week Cycle and 5 Ingredient Granola Bars


Yep.  I love number-themed titles!  I had a lot of thoughts swimming around in my head so this was a way to organize.  OK, so let me explain…

The 48 Hour Baby

So in speaking to some of my “mommy friends” the idea of the 48 hour baby evolved.  The concept is basically that babies live their lives in 48 hour cycles rather than 24 hour days.  So if they eat a lot one day, the next day they might not eat as much.  For example, one day Zach will sleep so well at night and be a napping champ, but the next day will  he will be impossible with sleep.  Does anyone else notice that or agree with this premise?

The One Week Cycle

My sister-in-law, a pediatrician and all-around awesome gal, told me that the best advice she ever received regarding child rearing was that you pretty much get a new baby every three weeks.  So basically when you think you “got it” or understand your baby, think again, because babies are constantly changing.  I am in COMPLETE agreement EXCEPT I would argue that the cycle is more like ONE week!  For example, my dear Zachary was sleeping fabulously last week, only waking once per night all week and even giving me a full night’s sleep one evening!  This week, though..nooooo no no.  My little one has decided he is back to twice a night wake-ups (generally around 2 then 5).  Now, my baby goes to sleep around 845 and wakes around 8 so this isn’t toooo bad, but what makes it even easier is simply accepting that (almost) everything with babies is a phase.  This too shall pass 🙂 And if it doesn’t, at least he is cute…

Oh, and smart.  :0)

OK aaaannnnddd finally,

The 5 Ingredient Granola Bar  

Seriously, make these now.  They are looooosely (and I mean really loosely) based on Anne P’s bars but much simpler 😉  Here’s what I used:

2 cups rolled oats

1 1/2 cup puffed rice cereal

1/2 cup brown rice syrup

1/3 c. peanut butter (I happened to use a maple syrup flavored one but you can use any creamy one)

1 tsp vanilla.

THAT’S IT!  delish!  Now, you should definitely use an add-in.  I used dried cranberries as I had some left over in the kitchen.  Other yummy ones would be

chocolate chips


pumpkin seeds

flax seeds

chia seeds


dried apricots

Mix dry ingredients together.  Mix wet ingredients together (you can microwave wet ingredients for 30 seconds to make easier to blend).  Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients.  Press into shallow pan. Refrigerate to solidify.  Cut as you eat or cut and wrap separately for an easy on-the-go snack 😉 Enjoy!