Challenging Nights and the Stork Stack (a review)

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HIIIIIII! I am writing from Zombie Mom territory (hence the name of the post) which I will talk about in a minute.  But have a consolation prize:  the delivery of my August (and first) STORK STACK!

But, first things first…challenging nights.  So, when you are pregnant or even thinking of becoming a parent, the MOST given advice/thoughts people pass along is for sure: YOU WILL BE TIRED.  DUH…Is what I thought.  Really…it used to really annoy me that people harped on that point, I mean, the miracle of a child is worth anything, right?!  But it truly is worth noting…I AM TIYUUUUUURD!  First things first:  I an so thankful for my amazing son and am mesmerized by him daily, but nobody told me that sleeping is most certainly (for me at least) one step up and two steps back.  See my post on the 48 hour baby and 1 week cycle.  For example, last week Mr. Zachary slept very well; only waking once a night to eat (certainly understandable as he is breast-fed) and even sleeping through the night from 9-7 one night!  But this week…not so much!  The night before last he woke up FIVE times!  Yes five!  And last night two but had a reaaaally hard tim falling asleep and woke up super early.  I feel like we are back in infant mode this week and it is SO frustrating.  I feel like it is worse when things are going well and then there is relapse.  But I have done research and there are many reasons for sleep disturbances such as these and I have to keep reminding myself (in my zombie state) that it can’t last forever…can it?  Here are some reasons for disturbances:

Growth Spurt

Sleep Regression

Mastering of new skill (he is rolling over and holding on to things like crazy)

-Full Moon hehe…really

Development of the idea of object permanence

Anyway, just needed a mini vent 😉 Moving on to something MUCH more positive…the STORK STACK!  This is the most fun gift (to yourself or someone else) and gives back as well!  It is similar to Birch Box (which I also “gifted” to myself hehe) in that every month, you receive samples of about 5-6 products based on your preference, shipped to your door in an adorable little box!  Birch box are beauty products while the stork stack is for babies. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  According to their website,

  1. Simply sign up for a subscription or send a gift to your loved one. Stacks start at $28/month – shipping is always free!
  2. Discover

    Every month our Stork will deliver a special Stackto your door filled with 5 of our favorite, deluxe products selected with love by our team of Moms. The products change every month, but they’re always age-appropriate for your child (and we always include something special for you!)

  3. Give Back

    With every subscription, Stork Stack Gives Back. We donate Stacks to families in need through our great philanthropic partners. Thanks to you, we’re shipping smiles every day

    I LOVE my first Stork Stack!

    First off, can we all agree how nice it is to receive (snail) mail once in a while!?

    Here is the description of what was inside:

    The awesome contents:

    The theme was Bath and Bed Time (splish splash and sleep tight).  We have already used the bath products (the mitt and toys) and loved them. I am for sure planning on using the teething towels soon because I think Mr.Zachary is soon cutting a tooth (holy hands in mouth and drool).  So, what do you think?! Is this not a great idea or what?!  I like that you can order month by month or in 3-month increments.  I also think this would be a GREAT baby shower gift. Happy Mommy = Happy Baby!






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