What I thought would be VS What really is: My Parental Myths


OK, so before I start this post, I want to stress that this is ONLY MY OPINION…so no haters in the comments 😉 hehe…anyway, lately I have been thinking about all of the things that I THOUGHT when I was pregnant/thinking about having a child vs. how things really are and I wanted to reflect. So, here we go:

MY Myth # 1: I will sleep when my baby sleeps!

Novel concept, but the truth is, things still have to get done! You still have to run a household (i.e. make dinner, clean, etc.) and life outside of the baby does go on. While I try to nap during his morning nap, anything beyond really isn’t doable. And to be brutally honest, I relish a minute to myself (awake) sometimes if he is perhaps napping. I also find it frustrating if his nap is say 20 minutes and I am just entering REM sleep so that doesn’t work well because his naps aren’t really as consistent yet.

MY Myth # 2: I will be so flexible with my baby!

Ha! This one is hilarious. I truuuuuly thought “hey, i’ll just strap my baby into the Ergo and off we will go carrying on with life as I know it sans baby.” Uhhhh yea, not so much. Not only am I super type A and try to keep him on a BIT of a schedule, HE works best when his schedule is minimally altered ESPECIALLY naps. For us, good naps equal good nighttime sleep, good nighttime sleep equals good naps and so the cycle continues. I know I can be a bit of a crazy (will not make plans during morning naps or after 8pm bedtime) but it is what it is, you know?!

MY Myth # 3: It will get easier and easier as the days go on!

I have mentioned this concept before in my post about the 48 hour baby and the 1 week cycle that this simply is not true. The fact is, in my experience, babies seem to work in cycles. One “good” week, one “bad” week, one “good” day, one “bad” day and so on. Now the one truth to this “myth” is that it does get easier to understand your baby’s cues as you spend more time with them and get to know them, But the myth lies in the fact that babies are constantly changing so when you feel like you finally “get” your baby…think again. Hehe.

MY Myth #4: If breast feeding works, then great, and if not then whatever.

This one might be controversial to some, but for ME breast feeding has become a non-negotiable. When I was pregnant I thought if it worked great, and if not I wouldn’t push it. But I have battled infections, entrapment feelings (hehe you KNOW what I am talking about) and all other kinds of stuff, but it has been super important to me to keep on trucking with this. I absolutely know it is not for everyone and I feel it is totally fine whatever a Mom does, but for me it has been big.

Myth # 5: Those baby books sure do know what they are talking about

While I am sure “those books” have some validity to them, and while there must be some premises that can be applied to babies in general, it cannot be ignored that babies are LITTLE PEOPLE! Each one is different. I bet there are some “text book babies” out there (whatever that means) but it can be very frustrating to compare your child to the findings or writings in a book when your child doesn’t match the exact descriptions or the methods don’t really work for YOUR child. So read the books, but take them with a grain of salt, because the one thing that I KNOW is THE TRUTH is that for every opinion there can be an opposing one found!

Myth # 6: I will love my baby a lot.

A lot doesn’t even describe it. I have said this before, but I seriously cannot imagine loving anything more than I do my son, and it was impossible to describe prior to his entrance into the world and sometimes beyond words even now. Cheesy but true and a myth I am glad to point out! 🙂

Anyway, please share some of the “myths” you thought prior to becoming a mom or in any new experience? As always, I’ll sign off with a cute Zach pic 😉