My Fave Five: Nursery Edition

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Hey hey hey!  OK I’ll admit it; I KINDA did this post because I wanted to show off Zachary’s (adorable) nursery 😉  Hehe no seriously.  I worked really hard on it!  I had a vision and I love how it turned out.  Clearly the theme is Peter Rabbit.  I do have my buddies from work to thank, as pieces of my shower can be seen throughout.  🙂  Thanks ladies!  OK, so without further ado, an homage to baby’s nursery and a few of my favorite things!

#5:  The Diaper Dekor!

Might I point out the adorable hooded towels and amazing library my shower resulted in. I love that the books have messages to Baby Zachary in them!

When I was registering for a diaper disposal system, I (obviously) oscillated between the Diaper Genie and the Dekor.  A few friends had recommended it to me, and to be honest I didn’t really understand what the difference was.  I am still not sure I do, and have to disclose that I haven’t had much experience with the Genie other than the industrial sized one in the pediatrician’s office, but I like the Dekor a lot.  It is easy to change the bags (and actually is just one long tube of plastic that you tie at the end each time you begin a new “bag”).  It also does not smell.  Really.  It retails for about 40 dollars on (we have the “plus” model).

#4:: Name Letters

My husband always makes fun of me, saying that Zachary will NEVER forget his name because I have it written on EVERYTHING…but so what?! I LOVE it!  My favorite blanket of his has his name embroidered on it, his hooded towel does too and I will admit; I am a SUCKER for things with names on them!  Hey, at least my own stuff isn’t labeled…maybe 😉 Hehe anyway, I LOVE these simple dark brown letters we got at buy buy baby.  They were only 5 dollars a piece and took minimal handy-work.  I think they add a special touch to the room, and like I’ve been told…at least he won’t remember his name 😉

#3: Infant Stimulation Mobile:

When I first set up Zachary’s room, I had a cute mobile above the crib (you can see it in the picture). Cute, it is.  Functional, not really.  While it does play music (Peter Cottontail of course) it does NOT move and the colors are too bland neutral.  When I wanted Zach to transition to his crib, I wanted to make it a “fun” place and you all know I am super about infant stimulation 😉 (see my post on have five infant apps) so I got this simple infant stimulation mobile.  It retails at  27.99 on and is by Manhattan toy. I love that the cards are interchangeable and I carry the extra ones with me for on-the-go entertainment.  I also like to use them for tummy time to provide things for Zach to stare at/reach for.

#2: Daybed

My husband and I REALLY had it out about this daybed.  I insisted we incorporate it into the nursery and he thought it would cramp up the room.  Luckily we found a way to make it work because it has turned out to be a GREAT addition to the nursery.  I have slept on it during looooong nights ;), when Zach was transitioning into his crib, it provides a place for others to sit, and is an overall great resting place to Zach or anyone else who enters.  An extra bed that acts as a couch turned out to be super necessary for us.

#1: The rocker

Note the beautiful painting above the rocker; it was painted by a very talented loved one who passed. Special.

We got this rocker on CLEARANCE for about 200 dollars at Babys R Us.  Not only was it a steal, but I have spent more time in this rocker than anywhere in the house over the last (almost) four months.  We have created tons of priceless memories in this rocker and I LOVE it.  It is the perfect shade of chocolate brown and is super soft with a fuzzy blanket on it 😉


The blackout curtains– I KNEW we needed blackout curtains because this child is related to me; I NEED darkness when I sleep.  We have the polka dot blackout curtains WITH blackout shades under them!  hahahh really.  See rocker picture above.

Closets that are turned into alcoves– space was certainly an issue in our small city home.  So when I set up the nursery I knew I had to make the most of the space. I also knew I would not hang most of Zachary’s clothing so I turned the closet into the changing table area. I used bins overhead for storage as I’m not a fan of closet clutter especially when it is on display 🙂

OK, so those are my favorites for the nursery!  Thanks for giving me a chance to show off you my favorite room in the house. What are your nursery or other room favorites?!







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