Twiddling my thumbs

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A rare occasion, but Baby Boy is taking a good nap and I am finding myself twiddling my thumbs. Yup.  Laundry is done, run has been ran (?), hair washed and it is gloomy outside, creating a sense of laziness.  So here I sit just twiddling. Do any other moms find themselves doing this on the (rare) occasion their baby is sleeping and the to-do list is not too long? I mean granted, there are still thank you notes I could catch up on, closet organizing to do, etc. But here I am twiddling. So, I thought I would write a blog post updating you on our latest happenings.  We have had a really busy week this week!  We belong to two mommy groups; one at our pediatrician’s office, and one at Nest, a really fun indoor playground in Center City.  I wanted to take a second to talk about these groups because they are super fun!  I will admit that the idea of being a stay-at-home mom with Baby Zach, while truly rewarding and amazing, is daunting to me.  I don’t like boredom, and I am always on-the-go, so a fear of mine is just this; boredom (and I guess a bit of isolation). I like people. I like interacting with people, and I thrive on these interactions.  Joining various mommy groups has allowed me to plan my week so that we have something planned each day, whether it is mommy group, errands or lunch with a friend.  The mommy group we do at Nest is called Hatchlings and is for babies 6 weeks-6 months.  My blogger buddy, Sabrina, did a grew review on Nest here.  During Hatchlings, we talk about things pertaining to what each of us are currently going through, receive information, play with our babies, and sing songs.  The group is led by Joanie, who has many years of experience doing these groups and provides us with information while leading the group discussion.  I strongly suggest Moms stop by Nest as it is a fun place to bring your kids and to meet other Moms.  Zachary is still a bit too young for the indoor playground although they do have a little area for “non walkers” which I feel he will enjoy soon.  As for the Mommy group at our pediatrician’s office, this format is a bit different.  It is lead by a social worker and begins with each of us checking in regarding our week. We bring up issues to discuss and provide each other with support.  The leader sometimes brings in resources for us based on the topics we chose to discuss, but overall serves as a group mediator.  I enjoy both groups, particularly because of the other Mom friends that I have met through them.  We even have meet ups outside of the groups.  It really helps with my fear of “being bored” or isolated.  Being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) in the city, I feel, is really fun because there is always something going on.  We also are so lucky to live within a block of an adorable playground,


Superfresh, CVS and other fun stores, so I always try to make it out for an errand per day.  Good stuff. Other things we did this week, was have a photo session by the amazing Scott Hopkins photographer.  Scott and his wife Melissa, who I met through my job, are a wonderful husband-wife team who truly capture the essence of events and people.  They photographed our wedding and did a family session for us over the weekend!  I cannot wait to see and share the results!  Of course Zachary was a bit of a cranky pants and wouldn’t smile!  Bugger! We have also been taking a lot of walks this weeks.  I try to have one of Zach’s walks be in the stroller so we can enjoy some outdoor time, I can get some exercise, and it switches things up.


OK, that is going to have to be it for now..I hear someone stirring! No more thumb twiddling this afternoon!  Please tell me though; what do you do when your baby is napping?!

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