Losing the Baby Weight; My Post Baby Body

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So, I know this can be a triggering topic for some and one that can cause much debate and judgement, which is why I have had this post on the back burner for a while.  But, this is my blog, and no one HAS to read it 😉 and I recently saw a similar interesting post by Sabrina so I thought I’d share and take that wrath 😉 Really though, if this topic is triggering to you, read no further.  Anyway, prior to getting pregnant, I would say I was in shape.  I loved the half marathon distance, and probably trained about 25 miles a week.  I also mixed in some Elliptical, but not much weight training.  Anyway, my BMI was good.  I would say I had an “athletic” build.

one of my favorite all-time pictures

Anyway, during my pregnancy (oddly enough I cannot find a single picture of me and my bump after vowing to take weekly pics) I gained about 25 pounds.  I did start about 5 lbs above where I “wanted to be” though.  I was really happy with that, and was able to maintain some physical fitness by running in the pool, walking and eating well.  I did indulge quite a bit, caving to “cravings” often, but things seemed to balance out.  SO, now I am 4.5 months out from having my beautiful baby boy and I have lost almost all of the baby weight except for a pound or two.  Most of it has come naturally, but I have been incorporating exercise back into my life for the last three months and breast feeding to thank.  I have revisited my treadmill (although only doing 5ks or even 2 mile during-nap runs about four times a week) and walk a LOT with my baby.

I find running to be a lot harder than pre-pregnancy, probably due to lack of training and honestly, breast feeding (full you know-whats) presents challenges.  Now, yes I have lost most of the weight but my body looks SO different from what it did before.  Everything is…well wider, and I guess looser.  I am ok with that. I also know that like Sabrina said, my milk supply is definitely affected if I restrict food or exercise too much. I look at my baby and cannot believe how amazing he is and how amazing this process has been.

 I can’t believe that he has doubled his birth weight eating (drinking) only what my body has created.  Good stuff.  PS:  little boy still doesn’t take a bottle.  Anyway, my house is DEFINITELY the “snack shack” as I call it.

I will say that I have never been as hungry in my LIFE as I am breast feeding. Pregnancy was NOTHING compared to this!  I am really eating for two 😉   Seriously though.  The point is, I have to make sure I am eating enough calories to even out both breastfeeding and working out (albeit smaller increments than pre-pregnancy) so to keep my supply and sanity!  Anyway, I hope that post made my point without being toooo annoying 😉  Tell me; what was your post-baby weight loss like?  Also, I would be happy to do a “day in the life of” what I eat post or post pictures, but only by request 😉

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