When your baby is sleeping…

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Ha. File this under confessions of a new mom 😉  When your baby is sleeping…

– You thank the Lord for blackout curtains

– Time moves VERY quickly

– You shower (with the monitor propped up on the bathroom counter) FINALLY

– You try to call a friend to catch up only to hear the cries of baby awakening… by the second ring 🙂

– You try to put away some of the toys as it looks like the house vomited baby gear, shaking your head knowing when baby awakes it’ll be futile

– You try to get in a treadmill run while watching the monitor hoping you can get in that last mile

– You browse “Pinterest” or similar sites for dinner recipes then decide on something WAY similar (helloooo crockpot!)

– You zoom in on the video monitor to “make sure he is still breathing” (come on, you know you do it!)

– You try to eat sloooooowly because finally you do not need to shove food down…but fail

– You surf the internet, because what is a better use of time?

– You shush the dogs (and curse them) when OF COURSE the mailman comes

– You try to catch up on emails on your phone and end up doing something completely unproductive (ahem Facebook)

– You put the house phone on silent because of course a telemarketer rears its head just as baby is falling asleep

– You find yourself watching TLC’s A Baby Story…seriously

– You sit down because you are exhausted, only to pop up a minute later when a reminder of dirty dishes in the sink pops into your wandering mind

– You tiptoe around when you know baby is transitioning 

– You try to talk to your partner about anything other than the baby…and fail 😉

– You miss your baby 😉

Sweet dreams!

What do YOU do while your baby is sleeping?!

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