“I just can’t quit you”

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Great movie.  But this post is about the things we “quit” (primarily food/drink) when we become pregnant or are nursing.  Let’s discuss.  So, when I got pregnant, I was first and foremost concerned with my beverage consumption.  Not in the (alcoholic) way you are thinking, but in terms of amount of coffee and diet soda. Both are HUGE vices of mine, definitely moreso than beverages of the alcoholic variety so that really was not a concern of mine. But this was.  Each morning on the way to work I would stop at my beloved Wawa (Don’t judge. I’m just not a Starby’s person. I know; gasp!) and get a…get this…22 oz coffee.  Granted it would last me almost until lunch, but still..22 ounces.  I knew I would have to nix or at least minimize this habit.  Then, I got EXTREMELY “morning sick.” Ha!  What a misnomer.  Morning my bum. Try “every minute of the day” sickness.  I know, I am not the first to make this joke…and mean it.  But seriously, let’s put it like this; coffee was the LAST thing on my mind for the first four months.  I was more concerned with making sure all toilets were flushed in case I had to toss my cookies.  Sorry. It is true.  AAAANYWAY, when I could finally eat/drink I decided I could handle a 12 ounce daily and that this would be ok for the lil bebe growing in me.  OK, now onto the even harder bevvie for me…the diet soda.  Listen, I’ll tell it like it is: I LOVE IT. My favorites are orange, birch beer, root beer, dr pepper and I don’t discriminate.  Love it like cannot. live. without. it.  For my teacher/mom friends, I’ll put it to you like this: I will drink it in a box, I will drink it with a fox. I will drink it here or there. I will drink it EVERYWHERE!  Ha.  Really. But I knew all of the chemicals couldn’t possibly be good for the growing fetus inside of me, so I cut down to one can a day…which I savored like none other.  OK, moving on to food.  I will preface this with the following fact:  I am crazy.  So please do not judge OR follow the same guidelines. But I was hugely paranoid when I was pregnant which made me lay off three of my faaaaavorite all-time foods (in no particular order):

1. hot dogs

2. deli turkey

3. fro yo

Yes, it was an atrocity to me.  Very heartbreaking.  And kinda extreme.  But then again, I can be extreme.  OK so you would think I would have that baby and be freeeeeee! Ha!  Nooooo!  Turns out me and dairy, and my poor son and dairy, do not really get along(as in it causes huge fireworks in his little belly and I will spare you from what it does to me ;)).  So, for the past month or so I have been avoiding dairy with positive results.  I do plan on reinstating dairy into my life when Zach is six months as his digestive track will be more mature.  Or so I am told.  But please be true, because dairy, I can’t quit you!  I do not let this get in the way of my morning relationship with cereal: have.to.have.it.  I just have it with an amaaaaazing lactose-free milk called Skim Plus. It is sooooo good; even BETTER than regular old milk. It looks like this:



I also didn’t break up with my (nightly) relationship with ice cream/fro yo. I have been subbing in deliciousness like Edy’s fruit bars and goodies like the ones I posted about last post. Hellooooo chocolate! But, I do miss some of these:

Bagel w cream cheese and tomato

Cheese in salads

pizzaaaaaa-my favorite!

…and much more.  Anyway, tell me: what have YOU had to quit either because of becoming pregnant, nursing or a diet?!

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