Friends, I got BIT!

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UGH sorry for my blog-absence.  I got bit, my the STOMACH BUG!  Can I tell you how challenging it is to care for an infant whilst your head is in the can?! TMI?!  SORRY! It is da truf.  Aaaaanywhoooo thank heavens for my mom who came to help me the care of baby Zach.  It was brutal.  That actually leads me into the topic I wanted to discuss today:  getting help as a SAHM (stay at home mom).  I just read an article on BabyCenter about this.  Like most things mom (and life related) my opinion is: WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU!  So it goes liked this: For the first five months of Zachary’s life, I didn’t have a need for too much consistent help.  I would have someone come every so often (ex: my mom, or a postpartum doula) if I were ill, exhausted or overwhelmed but it was inconsistent and need-based.  Now that Zach is five months, I have actually hired a wonderful babysitter to come for six hours a week (twice a week for three hours each time) consistently.  The reason for this is that my needs have changed.  I am planning on being at the house with the sitter and Zach most of the time minus when I need to leave to teach a graduate course.  She will then watch him for two hours before the husband comes home. I am also looking into doing some tutoring so she would be of use then too.  But for the time that I will be at home, here is the deal…not only has laundry piled up, but I have paper upon paper to grade for the course I teach, class to prepare for and the like. I simply can’t do it when I am here alone with Zach..or I can’t do it well I’ll say.   And his naps are not sufficient or consistent enough to count on for work time.  So this is how I have tried to make it work.  She has only come once so far, but it is GREAT and I got tons of work done when she was here.  I actually interviewed MANY sitters.  I put an ad in the University of Pennsylvania nursing school e-newsletter and got a great response from a LOT of qualified candidates.  One was more qualified than the next.  Anyway I eventually found someone that is reasonable, responsible, reliable, trustworthy, and more importantly, I feel comfortable with. I am not ready to leave her home alone with Zach yet, but I will get there.  And for ME, this works.  Many SAHMs feel they do not need help, but based on my situation, I feel I do, and just as I wouldn’t judge anyone else, I would expect I would not be judged.  I want to do what I do well and this will help me do that.  In other news, Zachary is STILL adorable!

We took him to a Phillies game and he lasted the whole time! (granted we were a tad late, shocker for those who know me)

He has learned to wake up and stare into the monitor which is HILARIOUS!

Oh, and my Baby turned five MONTHS!  I cannot believe how fast time has flown and how much my heart has exploded with love for this child.  I cannot wait for what is to come, but I want to cherish every day.  Love you baby!



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