On Running.

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OK, so I just need to vent this out a bit…I had NO idea how challenging running is post delivery.  I do not know what the exact problem is, although I will hypothesize below, but I see gals like this chick back to crazy distances and speed very soon after baby and I just can’t get myself together.  First of all, my average distance is a 5k.  I used to run half marathons!  Argh!  I guess the reason for this is multifaceted:

A.  I “train” (ha if you can even call it that) while Zach is napping; either on the treadmill or on a lovely lucky day outside if the Husband is home, so I don’t have a ton of time.

B. It is soooo damn hard.

Here are the reasons I think it is so hard for me:

1.  I stopped running on normal surface at 4 months pregnant so I am technically “out of running” shape even though I walked a ton and ran in the pool throughout my pregnancy

2.  Breastfeeding…ok so yea, the “girls” are definitely a speed killer for me and sometimes it hurts.  I have to double bag ’em.  Ill leave it at that. I am also burning 500-600 calories a day (or so they say) and it tires me out!  Maybe I am imagining that?!  Can someone  let me know if they feel the same way?

3. My c-section scar still feels a little wonky while I’m running.  It aches underneath at times. Boo.

4.  I can’t seem to get my “fueling” right. I am usually STARVING one mile in.  Basically I eat when Zach goes down for a nap, because it is hard to eat when he is up (at least slowly and peacefully) but this is also when I go for a run so I usually ditch the eating and tell myself I’ll eat when I get back because I also can’t eat then run right away. So, I am usually SOOOO hungry (add breast feeding into the mix which makes me eat enough to feed a small country to begin with) and weak. I usually try to drink a glass of juice before hand for some easily digestible carbs that won’t hurt my stomach but it really doesn’t cut it.

5. I just don’t have the “drive” I used to.  Back in my running heyday, I used to push HARD.  I don’t know why exactly but I just don’t have it in me anymore.  I guess I just run for enjoyment now, which in effect is great, just not for race goals.  Oh well. I’ll take it. I am lucky to be able to run at all…and to be blessed with this little peanut 🙂

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