Chicken Marsala.

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This dish is one of my faves at a restaurant, so I was skeptical when this package cried out to me in the supermarket.

Let’s put it like this: it made it look easy and taste restaurant-quality, but man was this a challenging work-intensive recipe!  Seriously! It is basically pre-measured spices that you will need to create a dish.  This one had marjoram, pepper, minced onion, minced garlic, basic leaves and something else I can’t recall.   The only convenience of these “packaged spices” was the pre-measured amounts but the rest was hard!  Still, it came out fabulously!  YOu just need to follow the instructions.  You also need other ingredients on hand like flour, chicken, spaghetti if you desire, olive oil, butter, mushrooms, chicken stock and marsala wine.  OH and bummer, just saw on McCormick’s website that these will be discontinued in January of 2013.  Man, just when I discovered these gems!  The other flavors they have are:

Apple and Sage pork chops

Asian Sesame Salmon

Caribbean grilled steak

Chicken cacciatore

Chicken tikka masala

Country herb chicken and dumplings

Garlic Lime chicken fajitas

Mediterranean herb crusted tilapia

Quesadilla casserole

Rosemary roasted chicken with potatoes

Tuscan Chicken stew

OK, here are some pics from the fantastic meal.


Definitely worth a try in my opinion, but don’t think it is too much of a short-cut.  The box said 30 minutes and it is pretty accurate.  Enjoy!