Awesome Fall Weekend and Meal Planning


AHHHHH I just LOOOVE this crisp fall air.  I really do!  The return of flannel and boots,

apple cider, stews, more crock pot use

colorful leaves, cinnamon scented pine cones, and all. that. jazz.  YUM.  Anyway, we wanted to do something REALLY fall-ish this weekend (as did probably everyone else and their Mother).  Here was my tweet:

Ha.  Anyway, fall we did.  We ventured out to Johnson’s Farm in Medford, NJ, which I read about on this blog.  I plan on going there a few more times this season. It was SO fun!  Granted, Zachary couldn’t truly enjoy all Johnson’s farm had to offer (hayride, playground, moon bounce, cider donuts) but it was a lovely day. Here are some pics:

Needless to say, we were exhausted (and full from cider donuts, which were sooo good hot and fresh) when we got home.

Anyway, I definitely recommend you visit this place!  So some other things I did on this fabulous fall (and productive) weekend:  went to a girlfriend’s house, saw Bridesmaids on Demand hilarious would definitely recommend), had a successful trip to the Apple Store where my defective phone was replaced, graded papers, slept in a bit (thank you baby and husband), retuned something to Nordstrom, ate at Bobby’s Burger Palace (um yum again- had their chicken sammie with bacon and cheese amaaaazing; bacon makes the world go ’round), and grocery shopped for the week (whole foods and super fresh but on different days).  PHEW…that was a lot! I need to take a breather and post a cute Zach pic 😉

OK, so speaking of groceries for the week, DO YOU MEAL PLAN?  A lot of other bloggers do.  I sometimes do and sometimes don’t. Ha good answer.  But seriously.  Life is influx a bit with a baby. I used to meal plan but then when I was pregnant, I had NO idea what I would feel like eating on any given day, and the fact that we live one block from both whole foods and super fresh and I’ve been known to waste food that I “thought I wanted,” meal planning got kicked to the curb.  But I am trying it again lately, especially as Zach and I get into a bit of a routine 🙂  So, here is this week’s (kinda crazy abnormal week) plan:

Monday- CROCKPOT MEAL- Creamy turkey dinner (click for recipe)

Tuesday- Homemade marinara gravy and P&S (the best) gnocchi (been craving this badly)

Wednesday- Going to a partay so dinner will be there

Thursday- I work so CROCKPOT beef stew

Friday- order out (per tradition) usually from Santucci’s tenth st. amaaaazing

Saturday- Friends over- making diner.  Menu:  my fave (that I have mastered) Chicken Pot Pie, lovely salad, bread, homemade apple crisp and vanilla ice cream

Sunday- Crock pot pulled pork.  Ha.  Shocker, told you I’d be using that crock pot a lot. It is a busy week, and when I am busy I tend to use the crock a lot as I can prep during Zach’s am nap.

OK, now that Ive bored the crap out of you, time for another cute Zach pic, then I’m signing off for the night to zone out in from of the tube 😉  Biyeeeeee!


5 thoughts on “Awesome Fall Weekend and Meal Planning

  1. Hi! I enjoy your website!! I have a new baby also. I have to know where you got those cute boots you’re wearing in the pictures!!!

  2. My little man is 11 weeks old. Just put him to bed for the night (or at least a few hours)!! He’s starting to sleep a little longer – I think because he’s up to 14 pounds already! This is my first baby and it’s wonderful and challenging. Your son is so adorable and has the most beautiful eyes!!

    • Aaawwww 11 weeks! So cute! So what is his typical night stretch at this point? Thank you for your compliment! I love Zach’s eyes too 🙂 I hope they don’t change color!

      • We get a 4-5 hour stretch during the night. The last few nights have been 5 hours!! Usually from around 10-3. Then he eats around every three hours until around 10 pm.

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