A Day in the Life

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Helloooo everyboooody!  Happy Monday!  So I thought I’d do a “day in the life” post as I have seen some other bloggers do.  I always love reading these so I hope you find some entertainment in this as well 😉  Anyway, keep in mind, I had to admit some things here that I am not thrilled with (like that I tend to nap during Zachary’s am nap)…hehe.  I also did not write down everything word for word time by time, so this is my best recollection 🙂  Also I started at night and went until the next evening.  Enjoy!  I’d love to hear about your “day in the lives!”

8:00 pm Zach goes in to sleep

10:00-10:10 pm– I put clean sheets on the bed and throw the dirty ones downstairs for the laundry.  I straighten the bedroom a bit.

10:15 pm I dream feed Zach

10:15-10:45 I read blogs in bed and surf the internet. I might pin a thing or two.  Pin a thing or two…did NO ONE EVER.  Ha

10:45– Fall asleep. (I guess right? It is an estimate- who knows when they fall asleep!)

3:00 am- Zach wakes up not really crying, more like whining.  I decide to go to the bathroom and see if he stops.  I do not want to feed him as it has not been the 6-7 hours that I would like him to go.  By the time I get back to the monitor at my bedside, he is asleep.

4:55 am- Zach wakes up. It is time for him to eat!  I go into his room and get him out of his crib.  I feed him in the rocker.  He  eats on both sides, then shoves both his fingers in his mouth contentedly.  He does this HILARIOUS thing where he like kind of misses his mouth because his eyes are closed in the middle of the night.  It is beyond adorable.  Truly.  He goes right back to sleep.  YAY!

5:07 am– I crawl back into bed.  I don’t think I fall asleep for about half an hour or 45 minutes.

8:00 am- My husband wakes Zach up and spends a half an hour with him before work.

8:30 am- I wake up!  Mama got to sleep in!

8:30-9:30 am– PLAYTIME!  Here is the order of events


Activity gym

“Crawling practice” on the tummy time mat

It is like a 3-ring circus or gymnastics meet rotation.

9:25-9:45 am  Zach is getting cranky.  Must be nap time soon.  We head back into his nursery  and I “wind him down” by putting him in his crib for five minutes under the mobile with his classical music on.  While he is in the crib, I put away clothing from the bedroom floor (classy, I know) Then I read his favorite book “Brown Bear Brown Bear.”  I zip him up in his swaddle and feed him (a snack) lying on the day bed in his room.

9:45-10:30  I am exhausted, getting over a cold (ha-yea that is the reason), so I (admittedly) set my phone alarm for 10:30 and take a snooze.

10:30-11:00 I wait for Zachy-Wacky to get up and do chores: I chop onion for tonight’s dinner.  I put a wash in.   I shove a huge bowl of cereal in my mouth while browsing US Weekly and make a cup of coffee.  I put into a to-go cup as we will have to leave soon for music class. I then hear Zach getting up.

11:00-11:20  Zach wakes up. I feed him.  I change his diaper (poooooopy!) I put him in the stroller and make sure I have diapers, wipes, my wallet, keys, phone, his blankie and a toy.

11:20-11:30 We walk to music class

11:30-12:15  Music Class!

12:15- 12:45 We walk home and stop at the park to go on the swings for a few minutes.

Zach is getting cranky again.

12:45-1  Nap time routine (crib with music, swaddle, snack)

1-230   Zach naps, I run on the treadmill (35 minutes).

This picture is actually from an outdoor run, but you get the point 😉

Then I rinse off in the shower and make a pb&j sandwich.  I grade papers while chowing down on my sammie.  Then, I start this blog post 🙂  I look through all of the mail and categorize it while throwing away the “trash stuff.”  I do some more work.

2:30-4:30  Zach wakes up.  Diaper change and feed.  I put him in his Bumbo seat on the floor of my bedroom for a few minutes so I can continue to put away some clothing 🙂  Then it is playtime again!  I put him on the rug downstairs and we play with some of his toys.  He is REALLY into a musical book that plays “the Wheels on the Bus” and an Elmo that talks when you squeeze his hand.  He also loves his Lamaze elephant that plays music and has musical notes down its trunk.  I think I have a little musician on my hands!  I put Zach in his chair downstairs so that I can empty the dishwasher and switch laundry.  Then we do some jumping in the jumparoo…

At 4:00 I turn on my guilty pleasure of Dr. Phil 😉  but turn the baby around backwards in his jumparoo to lesson the effects of my sh*tty mom-ness LOL.

4:30-4:40  Pre-nap routine

4:40- 5:25  Zach takes his last (short) nap.  This one is a 45-minuter and I think he will soon drop this one.  I finish watching Dr. Phil and write some thank you notes.  Then I do some more dinner prep.  I lay out all ingredients (other than refrigerated ones).

5: 25-5:40  Zach is up again!  Diaper change and feed.

5:40-6:20  It is super nice outside and we are ready to get out of the house again so we walk to the park (a different one- this one is two blocks from our house) and navigate the after school crowd to go on the swing again.  Zach (and I) LOVES the swing.

6:20-6:50  I swing by Whole foods on our way back from the park to grab homemade gnocchi for dinner.  I grab some bread, jelly and fruit as well.  I might also grab some of their delicious candy 😉

6:55-7:30  Husband gets home and plays with Zach while I make dinner. I make a homemade sauce (gravy; recipe to come) with the aforementioned gnochi with sautéed spinach.

7:30-7:45  We scarf down dinner while watching the beginning of Wheel of Fortune (because I kick butt at this intellectual programming hehe)

7:45-7:55   Husband gives Zach a bath and I finish eating (there might be a dessert in there somewhere) and kicking butt at WOF.

7:55-8:10  Bedtime routine (a little different than nap routine but not too much):  say goodnight to the room, sing goodnight song, white noise, swaddle, feed, in the crib)

8:15  Zach is in bed sleeping.

ahhhhhh what a lovely day.  I seriously pinch myself every morning because I cannot believe how lucky I am to be able to stay at home with my little boy this year.  He is so amazing and I absolutely love every moment with him.  Being a mommy is hard work but the best work I could EVER ask for.  I can’t believe my baby is going to be six months on Thursday!

*Finger done sucking all day  🙂

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