Wonder Weeks

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Hi!  So I’ve been meaning to post on this a while, and many of you Mommies out there are probably already aware of this concept…THE WONDER WEEKS!  This is a book/app (actually I just have the iPhone app) that I have relied upon for many months now in order to explain Zach’s Moods 😉 and “leaps” he is making in his development.  The authors of the book have done extensive research leading them to the theory that babies have ten specific LEAPS in development as follows (click on each for more from the WW website):

1.  The World of Changing Sensations

2.  The World of Patterns

3.  The World of Smooth Transitions 

4.  The World of Events

5.  The World of Relationships

6.  The World of Categories

7.  The World of Sequences

8.  The World of Programs

9.  From Theatricism to Temper Tantrums

10.  The World of Systems

OK, so basically, each “wonder week” leap occurs at a certain time in your baby’s development.  The FREE app outlines this and gives tips as to how you can “help” your baby with this “leap” and what to look for.  For example, Zachary right now is in the period of time where he would experience the Leap of Relationships, which happens between 22.5 and 26.5 weeks.  He is 26 weeks.   The app (and book I assume) also tells you the signs to look out for and the abilities that the current leap might include.  Here is information on Zach’s current leap:

A Leap, according to these theories, “is marked by the three C’s (OH YES THEY ARE, I can attest): crying more, clingy and cranky.  The progress of the baby may come to a standstill or may even regress.”  It also mentions this little gem:

The app (or book) also recognizes the importance of growth spurts, noting that the first three growth spurts (of head circumference) after birth coincide with the first three mental development leaps but other growth spurts rarely coincide with leaps.  Growth spurts are also usually characterized by lack of sleep for a few days accompanied by LOTS of eating 😉 and then a few days of longer periods of sleep. IT makes sense.  Growing is hard work!

Now THIS is interesting:  So each mental leap brings new “skills” that your baby will master.  The authors of this book/app propose that while babies go through these changes at relatively the same time, a baby cannot master all skills at once, and rather chooses which ones to master. Basically here is where your babies personality is formed/exhibited. He/she begins with one or two skills that suit him/her best and will what to explore other skills that interest him less.  They say “every baby is unique in his/her choice.”  Fascinating!

Anyway, I am finished waxing poetic about Wonder Weeks. Bust as you can see, I find it to be quite interesting and on point. Funny though, sometimes I am thinking “MAN must be a wonder week” due to crankiness, etc. and I log in to my app and it says “Your son is not experiencing any mental leaps right now.” Derp!  lol 🙂  Do you notice this in your babies?!  OH and another cute picture for good measure; LOVING the crisp fall air!

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