Where I’ve Been: A real excuse

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Ha. So I feel like I write a LOT of posts chronicling my time being MIA from the blog world.  This one is for reals though people!  What started out as being a weekend long trip to Arizona ended up being a week-long trip.  Thanks to Sandy (admittedly the best place to be “stuck” would be Arizona), our return trip changed from Monday to Sunday back to Monday to Tuesday then to Wednesday (home at midnight; always fun with an infant).  OH, yea, and nominations are now being accepted for my “Mom-Of-The-Year” award as my son slept in the shower the entire week.

Listen people, he needs his own “room” and in this case the shower was perfecto!  And yes, already having won the “Neurotic-Mom-Of-The-Year” award, I DID call the front desk and had them assure me that the water would not “automatically turn on.” ha.  Really.  So, where was I?  ahhhh yes…Arizona.  It was almost a week long of loveliness including (here is where I post pictures to get away with short-changing on words lol)…

Plane Rides; I will do a separate post on this soon.

Cute shirts IN the sunshine ABOUT sunshine (yes, mine says “You are my sunshine” and his says “My only sunshine” an Etsy purchase/idea stolen from ModG)

Cute Kids

Many meals out

Eating cotton candy as big as your kid

Should I photoshop “cute kid” in there?

Hiking Camelback Mountain (sorta; the day before a guy died on the mountain because a swarm of bees came and he fell running away from them-true/horrific story and enough to deter our hike)

More cute kids

Standing practice

The Phoenix Zoo


Yes, I did seriously have it together enough to pack this.

Traveling on Halloween (enter sarcastic “whoopeeeeee” here)

I’m seriously concerned I don’t have enough pictures of my son 😉  In all seriousness though, tell me; how did you fare through “Sandy?”  Do tell.

PS: Check out a new blog of mine detailing a new organization I am helping lead called Generations Connect Philadelphia.  Click HERE.  The mission is to create an environment where kids and elders can interact for mutual joy and respect.  Our “play dates” involve interaction between children and elders involving music, crafts and general fun!  Hope you will check it out!

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