Weekly Meal/Workout Plan

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So I generally try to go grocery shopping at the beginning of the week for everything I will need for at least half the week (and inevitably end up going back anyway a few times for stuff I forget).  I hit up both Whole Foods (I’ve heard it called Whole Paycheck before hehe) for “necessities” like my all-natural gummy stars.  I also get my meat there along with my all-natural preservative-free Vermont Whole Wheat bread and organic strawberries conserve, which make my daily pb & Js more adult-like and mature.  Here are the things I get at Superfresh:

-Skippy Natural PB

-My no-Lactose milk (Skim Plus; swear by it- doesn’t hurt my tum and taste/texture are amaze, MUCH better than Lactaid)

-Hazelnut fat free coffee mate

-Diet Birch Beer

-Kellogs Honey Nut special K- I make a cereal salad (love these) with Kashi or something else.

PS:  I am REALLY into Whole foods natural cinnamon toast amazingness cereal this week.  My food likes go in phases which begin and end quickly (Often resulting in cases of, ahem, Fuze sitting around in the basement for months years on end)

OK, ANYYYYYWAY so my meal plan is obviously easier to stick with than my workout plan. I will detail that next.  Here is my weekly dinner plan:

Monday:  Smoked turkey breast (we get at WF) with gravy, mashed potatoes, steamed string beans with…you guessed it: garlic salt

Tuesday:  Election-Pot Pie (click for recipe)

Wednesday:  Meatloaf (meat loaf, mama mama meatloaf hehe; I don’t know why I always here that in my head when I say meatloaf), roasted potatoes with fresh garlic (and probably some garlic salt duh)

Thursday:  Trying a new recipe I found on Pinterest, as I teach a class so I can (supposedly) put this in the over and “forget about it” and take it out three hour later.  It is called forgotten chicken.  Click here for the recipe.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Friday:  Order out (duh).

Anyway, moving on to my “truing plan.”  So, last week in Arizona, I was thoroughly enjoying my OUTDOOR WARM runs

The beautiful 4 mile canal run I did almost daily there with the mountains in the backdrop; doesn’t get much prettier than that.

and got the crazy idea to sign up for my first race post-baby…in less than two weeks.  Yup.  Anyway, it is part of the Philly Marathon weekend but is on Saturday instead of Sunday and at 730 am.  ARGH that is early!  Anyway it is the Rothman 8k.  A nice 5-miler on my favorite route/old stomping ground, the banks of the river on Kelly Drive.  I couldn’t resist.  Yet, I forgot that it is not 86 and sunny in Philly. What a wake-up call that will be!  Anyway, I’ve been trying to do 6 runs a week ranging from 5k-5m (3.1 miles – 5 miles).  For instance last week my mileage total was about 20 because I did one day on the elliptical to cross train instead. I took one day off to travel.  My runs were 5, 4, 4, 4, 3.  It is so hard for me to have a “training schedule” because I tend to run during Zach’s naps, which can turn a planned 5-miler into a 3-miler.  Anyway, I am aiming for 20 miles this week.  Yes, a long cray from my half marathon training days, but not too shabby and something I am proud of.  I will try to get in two rest days  (traveling again and will need to) and five other runs:  5 (got it yesterday), 4 (got it today), 4, 4, 3.  Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.  Do tell: Do you meal plan? Do you workout plan?

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