Traveling on a plane…with a Baby

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1.  Bring your car seat if you can.  Usually  airlines will allow you to use an extra seat if available.  In our case, I used my Husband’s seat as he ended up going out sooner than us.  Zach took two GREAT naps on the way there. We left at the time of his am nap (about 10 am) so he napped for an hour at takeoff.  Then he played for two hours and napped another 45 minutes (not too far off from his normal).  The way home was a different story.  See below.

2.  Do NOT schedule flights during baby’s NIGHTTIME sleep.  Zach cat-napped well on the plane as I mentioned in #1, but when it came time for his night time sleep, he was not having it. At. All.  He was awake for FOUR hours on the flight (and NOT happy) from 7-11pm.  Yup.  Good times.  Homeboy did NOT want to have his night time rest on the flight.  That was interesting.  Keep reading though.

3. DO bring MANY toys that will occupy your child, EVEN if they make noise.  Whatever works, people.

4. DO make little treat bags for those around you with a pair of ear plugs, candy and a cute little explanatory poem 😉  Even if just a novelty, it wins people over.  VERY important on an almost 5 hour flight.

5. DO make friends with the flight attendants.  Need I explain?

6. DO take advantage of the family/baby security line (oh and PS you CAN take water through the security line for baby needs) and priority boarding. Get on, and get a place for all of your crap. You do NOT want them to run out of over head space when you need your crap.

7.  DO pack an extra outfit for the baby AND you that is within reach for the plane.  When Babycenter said this I thought “yea yea blah blah sure” but did it because, you know, I am Mom of the year.  But for reals, people, this kid grabbed my WHOLE newly poured diet coke and threw it ALL over me.  Not him. Me.  Like peed-myself-third-trimester-pee.  Hot. Also hot: changing your pants in the airplane restroom.  Mile high club?  Yea right.  I don’t believe it for a second.

8.  DO use MANY zip locks to organize MANY things like your baby’s outfits (don’t want to lose socks!) and a diaper-changing essentials bag for the plane.  The zip locks work well for dirty clothes and diapers later.

9.  DO NOT bother bringing “fun” reading materials such as magazines, novels, etc. For reals.  Just laugh that one away.

10.  DO wear matching shirts so people think you and your baby are cute (or at least you do).