Negative Nelly.

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So Saturday is my first race post-baby, and my first race in a looooong time.  Hmmmm…I think my last race would have been Broad Street 2011!  Yup, that must be right, as I got pregnant in August of 2011.  Anywhoooo…I am feeling super negative about my race Saturday.  Even though it is only an 8K, and many of my runs lately have been this distance (5 miles), I am not feeling positive about it. For one, my bib is an even number.  I am SUUUUUPER superstitious about this.  And dorky.   Also, my training has ONLY been on the treadmill because of my Zachy-wacky’s naps (save for three glorious runs in Az).

So not only am I not used to outside terrain, it is going to be MUCH colder than in my dungeon 😉



I also have a tendency to stop a few times during my runs at home. I need to drink and it is SUPER hard to do on a treadmill. I specifically remember mastering the “drinking while running” thing outside, but on the treadmill is a different story.  So I REALLY want to run this race a. WITHOUT STOPPING TO WALK and b.  in under 50 min.  This will be hard I think.  I run SUPER slow on the treadmill because if I run too fast the pounding eventually leads to the aggravation of my stress fracture from before and because I SWEAR my treadmill is tilted on an incline or something (excuses excuses) hehe.

OK, so ENOUGH of this negative thinking!  My mileage is there. I had a THIRTY mile week last week- yippeeeee!  So I just have to get my head in the game and push.  “Pain is temporary, pride is forever.”  OK, thank you for letting me pep-talk to myself.  I will let you know how it goes 😉  Oh, and I have sufficiently bribed myself with a batch of these…

The most amazing cookies I have ever made/tasted- Williams Sonoma Essentials of Baking triple chocolate chip cookies. HOLY YUM. Worth carrying around an extra five pounds.