2012 Rothman 8K; First Race Post Baby

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Friends!  I did it!  I told Negative Nelly to “beat it” and I pushed hard to achieve my goal (and even better)!  Not going to lie; it was hard; I left everything out there.  In fact, this was the fastest pace I have ever ran for a race!  I kinda thought to myself, “listen, you got up ass-early (and Mr. Zachary decided to get up multiple times the night before for the fist time in months, of course), it is freaking freezing, and you are leaving your baby for this so you BETTER show up STRONG.”  I do feel like I sprinted the whole way and today am super sore. I was actually sore right after.  Rookie mistake- went out super fast.  So initially I had two goals:  1. do NOT walk at ALL and 2.  Get under 50 minutes (10 minute mile pace).  As I said, I started out SUPER fast (rookie mistake) but I felt gooooooood! A few thoughts:

1.  Races make me SUPER emotional. I cry during races, not out of pain, but out of sheer thankfulness and for the beauty that I am able to experience and the ability to run.  I’ve even been known to cry at the Expo.  Yup.


2.  That girl, Cecily Tynan ROCKS.  Dude, I saw her 43 year old RIPPED body in a tank top and shorts on her way back when I was going out. Girl got her 8k in 29 min.  Less than 6 min pace.  I hear girlfriend has two kids too.  Cray.  Oh ha, just read her bio on 6-abc, she is apparently  “a four-time sub-3 hour marathoner, former world-class professional duathlete and a top ten age group finisher at the 2003 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.” Um wow.  Anyway…

3.  I have WEIRD pre-race rituals (btw I over the odd-bib thing; i am ok with evens after this race).  For instance I have to drink coffee out of my “13.1 been there run that” mug.  uh-huh.

4. IF you are breast feeding, “empty” completely before a race for best results 🙂  Even if it means waking your little honey up ass-early.

5.  This

6.  NOTHING feels better than finishing a race feeling like you left EVERYTHING out there…except returning to your little sweet baby boy.

All in all, a great time. Final Stats:

I am so happy to be back in racing!  Can’t wait for Broad Street! (nor can my favorite fan)

One thought on “2012 Rothman 8K; First Race Post Baby

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