Weekly Meal Plan and Professional Pictures

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Hello hello! ¬†I hope you enjoyed my lil’ on-cam cameo ūüėČ ¬†I think it is funny when you don’t know a blogger and you can hear them in your head as you are reader their posts and then you actually hear them and they sound NOTHING like what you expected. Ha. ¬†Anyway, just wanted to check in with a weekly meal plan. In all honesty, I write this to remind myself what the heck I’m making for din. ¬†Hehe. True story. ¬†Here we go! ¬†This week is a little off due to the Holiday…

Monday- chicken and dumplings a la crock.  I used a version of THIS RECIPE. I will let you know how it is.

Tuesday- going out for dinner

Wednesday- Turkey meatballs and spaghetti.  I use Barilla plus Pasta.  I think it tastes great, has good texture and is healthy-ish (for pasta)

Thursday- turkey day!

Friday- Spaghetti squash w/leftover sauce from Wednesday for ME, and black bean quesadillas for Husband (take a tortilla smear refried beans on it, put jalepenos in there and then some shredded cheese.  Then smooth another tortilla on top of it.  heat/crisp either in frying pan or just back on 350 for ten minutes, flipping after five minutes).

Saturday- Probably go out

So yea, weird week. ANYWAY, moving on…a good friend of mine who I partnered/work with on the organization Generations Connect, is a professional photographer. She is SUPER talented and she offered to take a few shots of baby Zach so I could get a good one for the holiday card. I wanted to share a few. ¬†Click HERE for her website. ¬†She is fantastic!

What do you think!?

Cloth Diapering (a review of GDiapers) and Baby Food Making


HI there! ¬†So, I just finished “filming” a v-log reviewing the cloth diapers I have been using and will post the video in a separate post in a minute. ¬†It goes quite in depth about cost, etc. ¬†But, until then, here is the “Cliffs Notes” version. Ha. ¬†Remember those!?

-So, I decided on GDiapers after much research.

-It is a HYBRID cloth diaper, meaning you can use a cloth insert or a biodegradable disposable insert.

-The disposable insert, which is biodegradable, can either be flushed (after being ripped apart) or tossed in diaper can. I do the latter.

-The cloth inserts¬†are hemp and super soft. ¬†I’d wear ’em ūüôā

-If using a cloth insert, you can use a cloth liner which resembles toilet paper that pretty much serves to “catch the poop.” Yup. ¬†You heard me.

-General care is easy; wash on warm with your regular baby detergent (like Dreft)

– Prices are reasonable when compared to the cost/amount of disposables you would go through (view video for more)

– All in all, I like them so far. ¬†I think they are a great modern “hybrid” approach to cloth diapering that allows for many options. ¬† The only thing I found annoying was that you have to wash the cloth inserts three times on hot and dry between each cycle. ¬†This not only takes FOR.EV.ER. but is not as environmentally friendly as you would think a cloth diaper would be.

So here is my revamped “top drawer” of Zach’s dresser.

As you can see, I still use disposable diapers for a. overnight b. traveling c. when we are out and about. ¬†On the right are the clout inserts. ¬†to the left of that is a “gpant” (diaper) and to the left of that are the disposable inserts.

PS: ¬†Are you wondering what “g” stands for? I was too. ¬†From the site:

OH and PSS: ¬†These opinions were non-solicited, solely mine and I am not a paid endorser. ¬†Wouldn’t turn it down though lol.

Alright, now, from diapers to baby food making (hey, what goes in must come out hehe). ¬†So after seeing Zach’s reaction to cereal, I decided it was time to mix it up with some fruit. ¬†I waited four days which they recommend to rule out allergies. ¬†I use the wholesomebabyfoods website which is phenomenal. ¬†It gives you TONS of information on solids with great charts and recipes. ¬†It says I can give Zach certain fruits not cooked so I decided to start with bananas to make it as easy-peasy as possible.

I also thought I could mix the banana puree with the cereal to make it more palatable for him. ¬†So I decided, after much research, to get the Baby Brezza all-in-one baby food maker. It steams, purees, reheats and defrosts food. ¬†Good deal. I’ve only used it once so I will do a review on it soon.

OK! ¬†You’re turn! ¬†Do you cloth diaper? ¬†Have you thought about doing it?! ¬†Do you ¬†make your own baby food?! ¬†What are your thoughts on that?!