Weekly Meal Plan and Professional Pictures

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Hello hello!  I hope you enjoyed my lil’ on-cam cameo 😉  I think it is funny when you don’t know a blogger and you can hear them in your head as you are reader their posts and then you actually hear them and they sound NOTHING like what you expected. Ha.  Anyway, just wanted to check in with a weekly meal plan. In all honesty, I write this to remind myself what the heck I’m making for din.  Hehe. True story.  Here we go!  This week is a little off due to the Holiday…

Monday- chicken and dumplings a la crock.  I used a version of THIS RECIPE. I will let you know how it is.

Tuesday- going out for dinner

Wednesday- Turkey meatballs and spaghetti.  I use Barilla plus Pasta.  I think it tastes great, has good texture and is healthy-ish (for pasta)

Thursday- turkey day!

Friday- Spaghetti squash w/leftover sauce from Wednesday for ME, and black bean quesadillas for Husband (take a tortilla smear refried beans on it, put jalepenos in there and then some shredded cheese.  Then smooth another tortilla on top of it.  heat/crisp either in frying pan or just back on 350 for ten minutes, flipping after five minutes).

Saturday- Probably go out

So yea, weird week. ANYWAY, moving on…a good friend of mine who I partnered/work with on the organization Generations Connect, is a professional photographer. She is SUPER talented and she offered to take a few shots of baby Zach so I could get a good one for the holiday card. I wanted to share a few.  Click HERE for her website.  She is fantastic!

What do you think!?

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