Dear Running,

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Oh how I missed you during the majority of my pregnancy and three months post-pardom.  But, boy, have you wrangled me back!  I am addicted to you once again.  And even though I am currently feeling such an increase in my mileage (19 one week 30 the next) via the returning stress fracture in my shin, I am finding you so irresistible lately.  I RUN BECAUSE I CAN.  And YES I CAN ONCE AGAIN!  I loved running post-baby because you made me feel like I was “back in my skin” and you fit perfectly with the little man’s naps.

But Saturday you solidified your place back into my heart, rather than just into my fitness routine, when I raced once again (and fell back in love).

Nothing beats the adrenaline of a race, the sheer joy of being able to run.  You do not need a racquet, a bat or ball, simply sneakers (and shin sleeves).  You are fun to do while catching up on tv shows on the treadmill, jamming out to music, or swimming in deep (or not so deep) thoughts.  You make me cry (happy tears) and make me thankful for everything physical and emotional.  Even though my feet have now extended to a (running shoe) size NINE (including orthotics) post-baby (gulp) you make me proud of my body and what it is able to do.

You are liberating, freeing, joy-inducing and for you I am thankful.


Jessica (a huge fan)

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