Weekly Meal Plan and SIDELINED.


OHHHHH my friends. I alluded to this injury in my “Dear Running” post, but I will detail it now. Alas, the stress fracture in my shin that I dealt with a couple years ago…is back.  I am SURE it is due to increasing my mileage too much too soon (19 to 30= more than 33% increase) and the fact that my orthotics haven’t been replaced since 2008. Yup.  So when I initially had this shin issue, I think it was a shin splint (caused probably by the same culprit as this time; too much too soon; beating up the bod) that turned into  a stress fracture, compounded by the fact that apparently one of my legs is longer than the other, messing with my gait and thereby creating a propensity for injury.  Fun, anyway, friends, I will be visiting the dear Rothman Institute this week and will update soon.  OOOOOK… Anyway, onto the FOOD! Here is my meal plan for the week:

Monday- meatball (left over from last week, froze and defrosted last night) subs, salad

Tuesday- Turkey sloppy joes with roasted potatoes (use leftover rolls from Mon)

Wednesday- Forgotten chicken. Must cook for shorter time because last time it was tasty but dry

Thursday- beef stew in the crock (I teach thursdays so it is a crazy crock pot kinda day)

Friday- Homemade pizza

Saturday- order out

Sunday- leftovers from family party

Oh, so that family party.  Basically I am having a brunch at home for about 35-40 family members.  We are having a little ceremony for Baby Zachary!  This is Sunday morning. Yup, I’m a bit frazzled.  Here is the menu for that:


Whitefish salad, lox, fish (tray I am ordering)

Scrambled egg cups; sausage/onion and veggie (mushroom/spinach/cheddar)

Monkey Bread

Mimosas, OJ

Blintz Casserole (Mom making)

Noodle casserole (mom making)

Yogurt Parfaits


Celebratory Cake, assorted cookies, etc.

Hmmmm am I forgetting anything? My friends, I SO appreciate you allowing me to post this nonsense. In all honesty, I am constantly referring back to my blog to remember what the heck I am supposed to make for dinner 😉  For real. So tell me; DO YOU MEAL PLAN!?  Also, how was everyone’s holiday?!

Cute Zach daily dose 😉

Watching the light show at Macy’s

Big boy in the cart. He’s like “what? i don’t care!”