Where does it go!?

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The time I mean.  These days seem to be flying by!  No?!  I keep trying to blog more often and I turn around and it has been a week!  Argh.  Will.  Try. Harder.  Speaking of time flying, Mr Zachary is approaching his 8 month birthday!!!  Argh!  TIme sooooo flies!  This weekend we had a little celebration for him.  I’ll recap with some pictures 😉






Anyway,  right now I am indulging myself with a little tv watching- I never really watch live tv, but I am watching the View!  Connie Britton is on and I am LOVING her show Nashville. LOVE.  I watch it on my ABC player while on the treadmill.  I love catching up on TV while I am running. I am quite aware that TV can make you run slower while listening to tunes can make you pick up your pace, but I LOVE catching up on tv and it makes my runs more fun.  Do you watch Nashville?  LOVE this show.  My previous treadmill show was Shark Tank. (ABC’s player is fantastic)…Moving on…I am currently meal planning for the week as I plan to go to the grocery store when Zach wakes up from his nap.  Speaking of naps, he is moving to the two- nap schedule.  I had heard about this 2-3-4 schedule but had not experienced it until recently.  Basically, around Zach’s age, babies start a 2-3-4 schedule where they wake up and are awake for 2 hours. Then they nap (he has been doing a 1.5-2 hr nap) then are awake for 3 hours, then nap (another 1.5-2 hours) then up for 4 then bed.  Zach’s last wake period is usually closer to three hours.  I like this schedule.  Now, if night sleeping could just be a bit more consistent.  I am TIRED!  Last night Zach ate three times in twelve hours!  I dream fed at 10, then he was up at 1:30, 5:30 then up for good at 8. UGH.  Trying REALLY hard to cut down to only one feeding aside from his dream feed but he is sick so that is hard to do right now. I will post an update on this soon. I also owe you a post on the Baby Brezza food maker, and I plan to do one on my experience with Fresh Direct and throwing a brunch. Check back soon! I WILL blog more often!  🙂 Hope you all are well!