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Hi there!  So I do plan to do a holiday gift guide post; I actually tend to be a good gift-giver.  But I wanted to tell you some of the things I am lusting after this holiday season 😉

1.  Hard Tail Hooded Wrap Cardigan– super expensive but would fit oh-so-nicely into my stay-at-home-mom wardrobe 😉  For reals.

hard tail hooded wrap cardigan

2.  Compression Socks/Sleeves– love these adorbs ones from ProCompression. I usually wear Zensah but am open to try any and all.  Given the recent issues I’ve had with my shin, I NEVER run without compression lately.


3.  The INstyler–  Do NOT judge.  I have recently seen this a lot and I want one!  I am willing to try anything to make my hair care easier!


4.  Ponte leggings with tuxedo stripe (G by Guiliana Rancic). First off, I LOVE me some Guiliana 😉  second, this would make my stay-at-home-mom wardrobe oh-so-much-more stylish!  Oh the ways I could wear these leggings! (can’t get  a picture)

5.  Gift card to Hands at Home massage!  I can get a massage in the comforts of my own home while Zach is napping!

6.  UGG slippers (that double as shoes that I can comfortably leave the house in, of course).  I have these, the Dakota, but could use another pair for sure.

ugg dakota7.  Subscription to Runner’s World


8.  Macy’s cashmere cardigan (in black)- I already have this baby in grey and it takes my leggings outfits to a new level. It is so cute and unbelievably soft and comfortable!  It also hits right below the bum so it is a great length for leggings 🙂  Gr picture won’t load.  Look it up though- super cute.

9.  Anything from ETSY that is cute and creative (because what isn’t from Etsy)

10.  ANYTHING from Snapfish with my Baby’s Adorable face on it 🙂


So, that is my list for now.  A LOT easier to come up with things that ZACH wants 😉  What are you currently lusting after!?

Zach is currently lusting after…

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Ha!  After writing my  own “lusting after” list (will be posted later today), I decided to do one for Zachary!  In all honesty, it is MUCH easier to think of things that I want for him than things I want for me (I know!  Gasp!)  Here are his “wants” 😉  They are great ideas for any  child his age.  He will be 8 months next Tuesday!  Woah!  Where does the time go!?

1.  Baby Shoenhut piano ($112.00)-


Zach LOVES playing the piano. It is actually kinda hysterical. He found this one at a friend’s house and I have been dying to get him one ever since!

2.  A Busy Box like this ($46.60):

busy box

3.  Footie pajamas that zip-much easier (varied prices)- I love putting Zach in these for comfy days around the house.  I feel like he got a lot of them when he was a little infant and then people stopped getting him these (too babyish?).  I LOVE them and I feel like he is super comfortable in them.  Carter’s makes adorable ones and right now their sleep stuff is 40% off at!

4.  Nesting/Stacking cups/bowls ($6.29)- Zach likes to bang these together and eventually will stack/sort/nest them.  It is good for their hand/eye coordination.  I think these are cute but there are many options available.


5.  Blocks ($14.95).  Preferably not wooden, for injury protection.  A friend of mine has these cute rubber ones from Barnes and Noble:


6.  Sesame Street Smart Block Elmo ($39.96)-  Listen, regardless of recent news stories, my kid loves Elmo. And I love him learning. This toy looks awesome. I do not have it so I can’t speak for it directly, but came across it in a toy search.

elmo block

7.  LOL Elmo ($42.99)- Yup, another Elmo toy that my child will LOVE.

lol elmo

PS: This item is currently out of stock at, the toys devision of, but I am sure other toy outlets have it.

8.  Soft books ($12.99).  Zach loves books.  But he REALLY loves chewing on soft ones.  He especially likes the ones that are made of crinkly fabric!  This set is only 12.99 for 3 books!

soft books

9.  Baby legs leg warmers ($9.29).  Around the house, if Zach is not in footie pajamas, I just put him in a long sleeve onesie and would LOVE to pair this with Baby Legs leg warmers.  They are so cute and look so comfy and warm!

baby legs

10.  Gift cards to classes, preferable music ones! (varied prices)- I LOVE staying at home with Zach…with one caveat…that we have activities planned weekly.  We LOVE to visit the Nest to play/take classes, go to music class and go to the park.  The classes though get super expensive.  It would be great to receive gift cards for these classes.  Here is a list of good ones.  Click for the site.


The Music Class


OK!  Hope you enjoyed our little list!  Maybe it gave you some good ideas for the little ones in your life!

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Run and Blog a Day-cember

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Hi there!  So as the title of this post so eloquently states, I am setting a goal of both running and blogging daily thru the month of December.  Here it goes!  What I have so far= Dec 1- 5k, Dec 2- 3 miles, Dec 3- 4 miles, Dec 4- 5 miles!  A warning: this post will be a little all over the place.  I am feeling that way today 😉 Poor buddy has a horrible cold.  Thus, he has NOT been sleeping well (even though I have been trying very hard to do a little sleep training to cut down to only one night feed…last night Zach was up THREE times I think due to congestion>side note here is a FANTASTIC post by my buddy Caitlin on sleep training).  Weird, his naps have been super long and good. probably due to not sleeping at night!  Poor boy!  Anyway, I forgot to post buy weekly meal plan (ignore this if you think it is boring-I seriously need it to keep my head straight!)

Monday- Shake and Bake chicken w rice and spinach.  Yes, I LOVE Shake and Bake.

Tuesday- Beef stroganoff a la crock pot.  I edited this recipe myself:

1.5 lb stew meat

1 can golden mushroom soup

1 can beef stock

1 heaping teaspoon fresh chopped garlic

1 pinch salt

1 pinch pepper

container fresh mushrooms

one chopped onion

*Combine all ingredients in crock pot, cook on low for 8-10 hours to make meat soft and delish.  Then, add a container of sour cream, cook on high fro 30 min to an hour.  Enjoy over rice, mashed potatoes or pasta.

Wednesday- Turkey meatloaf and roasted potatoes (I make these potatoes at least once a week)

Thursday- quesadilla casserole

Friday- order out

Anyway, I will see you tomorrow will a new Blog a Day-cember post!  🙂